Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Ward

What a wonderful three-day weekend I've had!  I'm kinda sad it's all over since I really don't have another wedding to be a part of till probably my sister's.  I do, however, have a wedding in June that I've been looking forward to since high school!  Lanis and Bre are finally getting married!! :)  But back to the wedding at hand!

Friday was a wonderful day of relaxation and getting errands done.  I absolutely love being off and acting like a "lady of leisure."  I was able to go to a doctor's appointment, drop off a Scentsy basket party bag, get my car washed, go to Target, and head to the nail salon all before 10:30 a.m.  We had 12 o'clock pedicure appointments at The Nail Lounge, but I wanted to get my nails done too so I got there early.  I got a Gelish French-tip manicure and I love it!  It's supposed to last at least 14 days, so I'll let you know how that goes!

Gelish French Manicure
 After mani/pedis, we went to lunch at Lex's favorite sushi spot and location of her and Dakota's first date - Fuji.  I then went home, packed some more, and me and Ethan headed to NAS for the rehearsal.  The weather forecast was actually terrible for the wedding and with it being an outside wedding we had to practice the entrance/exit both inside and outside.  After at least an hour of practicing in the cold, wet, windy weather, Lex made the best decision of the entire wedding - move the wedding inside permanently, no matter what the weather! Hallelujah!!  The only downside to having it indoors was that the girls would now be entering by a staircase.  We all hoped and prayed we weren't the lucky one to trip and fall down a flight of stairs in front of 200+ guests. (Spoiler alert:  no one fell!)

Rehearsal Hair & Makeup
Bride & her Bridesmaids at Rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner was at Franco's and I had the Eggplant Parmesan.  As me and Moe would say, "CHEAT MEAL!"  I swear the past two weeks have been nothing but cheat meals.  Back on the grind starting today (Monday).  Lex's parents were kind enough and rented us a couple of rooms on base for the girls to stay at and get ready in for the big day!  It was a beautiful place with high ceilings and all antique looking fixtures and decor, surrounded by tall, mossy trees near the water.  I can't wait to see the professional photographers pictures of all of us outside.  It made for such a gorgeous backdrop!

Me & Hannah after Makeup by Rylee
Me & Moe
Bridesmaids Getting Ready
Moe, Me, Hannah, Melanie, & Brittnee
According to Lex we were supposed to sleep in on Saturday since hair and makeup weren't arriving till 11.  Right.. so the Bride was up at 5:00 a.m. followed by the rest of us about 7:30/8:00.  So much for sleeping in!  Moe (Lex's Maid of Honor) collected letters for Lex to read while getting ready.  It was such a sweet thing and definitely started the water works early!  Blair, one of the wedding planners from Nancy's Haute Affairs brought us a platter of finger sandwiches and cookies for lunch.  I highly highly recommend them for wedding planning.  Everything was gorgeous and they seemed to really aim to please! When Lex's bouquets weren't wrapped right, she had them fixed in 10 minutes flat to please the bride!  Hair and makeup started about 11 and Michael Newman arrived about 3 to start taking pics.  The weather was rainy on and off, but luckily we were able to get some pre-wedding shots outside and make it to the Officer's Club without any rain! 
Waiting in the Loft

My New Sister
 Lex and her Dad did a "first-look" since he hadn't seen anything about her wedding day look.  It was really a sweet moment.  Around 5:15 it was finally time for the bridal party to head over to the Officer's Club to hang out until the wedding started at 6!  I did manage to trip down the stairs at the house we stayed at which was about 5 or 6 stairs high to the driveway, but thanks to my many years of cheerleading experience, I was able to land like a pro.  No bloody knees and ripped bridesmaid dress on my part!

1st Dance - "And I Thought I Loved You Then"
Mr. & Mrs. Dakota & Alexis Ward
The ballroom looked so pretty!  Lex's centerpieces were square vases with lemon slices and baby's breath with white linens and grey bows.  I really didn't think I would cry, but once I saw my baby brother standing next to the preacher, my water works started!  I managed to pull it together, but definitely didn't see that coming!  The ceremony was beautiful and was over before I knew it!  The bridal party was directed to go straight outside once the ceremony was over for pictures while it was still daylight.  I think the funniest part of it all was when we were all outside and Dakota and Lex were on the beach and it started sprinkling, then bigger drops, then bigger drops, and then you see all of us sprinting to the door as the rain was pouring down!  Best part was seeing Lex with her hightailing it with her dress pulled up high! I really wish someone had a picture of that!

Grandma & Grandpa Ward
Grandma & Grandpa Pitts
Me, Marissa, Taylor, & Katie
My Handsome Hubs
Reception was great. Food was yummy, decorations were cute, dancing was fun, and it was nice seeing all my family and friends there!  Highlight of the dancing was seeing Lex drop it a little too hot and fall on the dance floor!  I think there is a picture of that somewhere! ;) 

The Macarthurs & The Wards

The bride and groom left with a sparkler exit and are now enjoying their honeymoon in Orlando.  I still can't believe it's been eight months since he proposed and now the weddings over, but I do look forward to many years and memories with my new sister-in-law!  I love you both, Alexis and Dakota, and I'm so so happy for you guys!

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