Monday, March 18, 2013

Shake It for the Bachelorette

Early November '12, Alexis decided she wanted to go the Luke Bryan concert at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama, for her Bachelorette Party.  We purchase the tickets and four looooong months later, it was the most awesomest concert I've been to!!  Mr. Luke Bryan is a very, very sexy man! Haha!

After getting off work early on the concert day, I headed over to Alexis' apartment to get ready with her and her other bridesmaids.  From there, me, Alexis, Melanie, Taylor, and Brittnee met Moe at Chili's for an early pre-concert dinner!

Me, the Bachelorette, Melanie, and Brittnee

The Wharf is a good hour drive away so we left early so we could get in line early for the "first-come-first-served" floor seats we were so so so excited about.  Long story short.. we bought the wrong tickets and were denied access to the floor. :(  In reality our tickets were nosebleed seats way up in section 304 with all of us spread out since we didn't buy the tickets together.  We tried to make the best of the situation and sit together as long as possible and tell anyone that would listen our sob story about how we were supposed to on the floor. 

I love our photobombers in the back! ;)

The best part of our sob-story was when Moe decided this was Alexis' Bachelorette Party and we were NOT sitting in the nosebleed section.  She and Alexis went down and found awesome seats *right* behind the floor section and that's where we stayed the rest of the concert.  It was great!  Florida Georgia Line were the first opening act, followed by Thompson Square.  Then finally the moment we had been waiting for...

He was such a great performer!  I wasn't such a huge Luke Bryan fan until his concert.  Man.. that man can move!  Before the concert, Moe had ordered Alexis a 8-foot long banner that said "Shake it for me Luke!  Tonight's my Bachelorette Party and I'm getting hitched next week!"  We were so worried that he wouldn't be able to see our banner, but he did and he totally shook it for us!  Best moment of our lives!  You could tell he was trying to read it while he was performing some other songs, but when it got to "Country Girl (Shake it for Me)" we really held the banner high so he would see it!  At the end of the song, he pointed to us, blew us kisses, and then shook it!!  I think Alexis literally almost passed out!  He also wished her congratulations!

Me and Taylor freezing our butts off in our "new" seats.

I'd say it was a pretty successful Bachelorette Party!  I'm so thankful I was able to go into work late on Friday because we didn't get home till 2am!  I had to run a last minute surprise wedding errand too!  Friday night we had a Ladies' Night at Ms. Tina's house and we were able to finish the last 80 of the wedding programs! Woo-hoo!  Then Saturday was the Bridal Luncheon at Shark Fin.  We got these super cute burlap and lace bracelets as our gifts to wear with our bridesmaid dresses.  I can't believe the wedding is THIS WEEK!  I've got a super busy week filled with work dreadlines deadlines, hair appointments, nail appointments, doctor appointments, and on and on.. this week probable will just fly by!!

Me, Mom, Hannah, Kelley, Alexis, Moe, Laila, Melanie, Brittnee, and Chris

Hannah, Alexis, and Me - Soon-to-Be Sisters!

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