Tuesday, April 30, 2013

P90X - Week 2

So I'd be lying if I said Week 2 of P90X went better than Week 1.. I ate better, but still didn't workout like I should have.. mostly because I spent every waking hour painting.  Which by the way is EXCELLENT cardio or something because I lost 3 lbs this past week.  I guess that happens when you spend your weekend/week like this..

Friday night - painted till 12:30 a.m.
Sunday - sanded, primed, and painted the night stand and dresser for 4 hours
Monday night - primed my bedroom - roughly 3 hours, and ran for 30 min on the treadmill
Tuesday night - painted my bedroom - roughly 4 hours
Wednesday night - painted my bathroom - roughly 2 hours
Thursday night - cleaned the house like a mad woman!

Whew.. I'm exhausted again just typing that! Like I said, my eating was better this week. (Note - I did not say weekend..)

Anyways, here's the stats:

  • starting weight: 153.0
  • current weight: 150.4
  • lbs shed this week: 2.6
  • lbs shed in total: 2.6
  • lbs still need to shed: 25.4
  • Day 30 Goal: 143.0
  • Day 60 Goal: 135.0
  • Day 90 Goal: 125.0 (roughly 25 lbs from start, and ultimately almost 40 lbs from my heaviest!)
  • Success: Losing nearly 3 lbs!
  • Set-backs: The weekend.. I bet I would've been closer to 4 lbs lost.
  • Exercise: Painting, painting, painting.. and I ran once.
  • Monday, April 22, 2013

    Week 1 Weigh-in

    So.. first week back on P90X did not go as planned... I've failed miserably at starting my diet again. I was all ready to start last Sunday.  We even got up before church and worked out.  Awesome! Great start!  BUT THEN... Ethan decides he doesn't want to start the "diet" portion of the DIET until Monday.  I protest.  I whine.  I don't get my way.  Instead of starting my Week 1 off with a bang, I start it off with Oreos.  Yes, I caved and we had Firehouse Subs and TWO packages of Oreos (double stuff also, mind you.) We. Are. Fatties.

    Ugh, so the whole week was ruined for me diet-wise and I only worked out once. Reason being we had sooo much going on this week.  I don't think we were actually at our house one night the past week, which makes it really hard to eat right for dinner and/or exercise. Dang it.  Fall down seven times, stand up eight.  I'm ready to kick this week in the butt.

    Not that they're going to be motivating for anyone, but here's this past week's stats:

  • starting weight: 151.4
  • lbs shed this week: +1.6 ::cringe::
  • lbs shed in total: +1.6
  • lbs still need to shed: 26.4 28.0
  • Day 30 Goal: 143.0
  • Day 60 Goal: 135.0
  • Day 90 Goal: 125.0 (roughly 25 lbs from start, and ultimately almost 40 lbs from my heaviest!)
  • Success: Thinking "Hey, here we go again!  Let's kick this diet in the BOOTY!!"
  • Set-backs: Eating everything in sight and not exercising... kinda major. Ok, seriously major.
  • Exercise: I did plyo on Monday.. that totally counts right?!
  • Monday, April 15, 2013

    Ice Flyers are #1

    My weekend actually started on Friday at 11 because I was able to get all my work done! Yay me!  I headed home to the beach to spend the afternoon with Mom, Aunt Terri, and Tracee!

    I just love it when tourist feed the seagulls..

    New fedora :)

    Friday night me and Ethan had a hot date planned!  Cheddar's and shopping for home stuff! Woot-woot!

    My Hot Date

    Chicken 'n Waffles - I have never felt more Southern!

    Cheddar's was absolutely amazing!  The wait was pretty long (about 45 min.) but the restaurant is only about a month old, so you can't blame them! Hopefully they'll open up another one in town!  The food is delicious and pretty reasonably priced.  I don't think I saw anything on the menu for over $8.99.  After dinner we headed over to the new Academy and played on their golf simulator.  I stink at golf.  My swing is literally 20 mph while Ethan's was well over 220 mph.. if I ever go golfing with Ethan, I think I'll just be his golf cart driver! After that we headed over to the mall, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target.

    Saturday morning was my same ole same ole go to the beach and lay out! ;) After spending some quality me-time by the water, I headed over to Taylor's for her Mary Kay party.  It was fun and was good to see some of my girly friends!

    Sunday morning we worked out and headed to church.  Sunday afternoon was meant to be a day of painting the guest room, but it turned in to an epic afternoon for a nap. Haha!  Ethan watched the Master's and I vegged out on the couch!

    Sunday night was Game 3 of the Finals for the Ice Flyers!  It was an exciting game and I'm so glad I was there to see the Flyers win the President's Cup!

    Ice Flyers - President's Cup Champs!

    Grandpa caught a game puck!

    Team Captain & the trophy!

    Congrats, Flyers!! SPHL President's Cup Champions! 2013

    Sunday, April 14, 2013

    P90X Day 1

    All right, here we go.. P90X Day 1 Stats and Pics

    Day 1 - Goal: more ab definition
    So Day 1 wasn't as horrible as I really thought it would be.  We have been working out and did complete a round of P90X even though we started slacking when the wedding started getting closer.  With today being Day 1, July 11th will be Day 90. 
    Front Flex - Goal: slim down the arms
    Side - Goal: more leg definition
    Back - Goal: smaller love handles! ;)
    Back Flex - Goal: Lose the bra bulge
    Now for some measurements:
    Neck - 12.75"
    Shoulders - 41"
    Chest - 34.25"
    Waist - 27.5"
    Abdomen - 32.25"
    Hips - 39.5"
    Thigh - 23"
    Knee - 15.5"
    Calf - 15.25"
    Arm - 11.5"
    Forearm - 10.25"
    Wrist - 6.25"
    Weight - 151.4
  • starting weight: 151.4
  • lbs shed this week: NA
  • lbs shed in total: NA
  • lbs still need to shed: 26.4
  • Day 30 Goal: 143.0
  • Day 60 Goal: 135.0
  • Day 90 Goal: 125.0 (roughly 25 lbs from start, and ultimately almost 40 lbs from my heaviest!)
  • Success: Starting again and actually putting 110% into it this time!
  • Set-backs: We're going to start the diet portion tomorrow.  So today we had oreos, pizza, and Firehouse Subs.. :)
  • Exercise: P90X - Classic Version and running

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Rethinking My Workouts/Starting P90X.. Again!

    So I know I said last week that I'd be starting a "Progress Check" every Friday, well that's not going to work for me for a couple reasons being.. I told Ethan last night that I wanted us to start P90X again, but for real this time.  We just finished 90 days that we started December 30, 2012, and I'd say we gave it about 80%.  We both lost over 15 lbs and I'm sure we both lost inches, but the problem was that we didn't take the monthly pictures and measurements.  Sure we did it for Day 30, but after that I'm not sure what happened?  We've completed P90X before last year and taking the pictures and measurements was kind of a highlight of the month!  Being able to see that "Oh, I've lost 1.5 inches on my waist, and 5.8 lbs this month!!" was really motivating.  Like I said, we both lost over 15 lbs this past 90 days, but I want us to do it 110% this time.  That means no skipping workouts, no substituting workouts, no cheat meals (with the exception of my birthday in May and our anniversary in June), and no giving up!

    I think I'll still do a weekly check-in which will probably be on Sunday now that that's our "Day 1" and I'll definitely do big posts about Day 30, 60, and 90!  Here's the chart/questionnaire I'm going to use for each weekly check-in.
    • starting weight:
    • lbs shed this week:
    • lbs shed in total:
    • lbs still need to shed:
    • first goal: 139.8 (roughly 10 lbs)
    •     reward: 
    • second goal: 135.0
    •     reward:
    • final goal:  125.0 (roughly 25 lbs from start, and ultimately almost 40 lbs from my heaviest!)
    •     reward:
    • success:
    • set-backs:
    • exercise:
    So I guess we'll be seeing my "Day 1" post on Sunday!  I'm going to enjoy my weekend and I'll be in full-force workout mode come Sunday!

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    Beach Days & Summer Fun

    Looks like my weekends are going to be a bunch of the same 'ole, same 'ole and I couldn't be happier about it!  Spent most of Saturday at the beach with Mom and Lex.  Sun on my skin, sand in my toes.. and about 30 sand flea bites.  I could do without those and the angry pink sunburn I got on the backs of my legs, but honestly wouldn't trade a beach day for anything.  Next weekend I am going to practice my sunscreen application.. I have the weirdest burnt spots!

    Saturday night we went to the semi-finals game for the Ice Flyers.  Awesome game!  I mean right from the start the players were 110%.  Fast plays, rough hits, it was great!  The Flyers ended up winning 1-0 and are headed to the Finals again!! Game 1 is Tuesday, but unfortunately Dakota asked for the tickets first, so we won't be going, but we've been promised the Sunday tickets if there has to be a Game 3.

    Church on Sunday was nice, had lunch with Mom and Dad at Applebee's, then went back to their house for an epic nap while Ethan played golf.  Congrats, Hunny, on shooting your best game yet! ;) Sunday night after church we met the Howells, Boroskis, and Cunninghams at Teriyake Cafe for dinner.  Can't believe it's already Monday again, but I've got lots & lots of home DIY stuff I want to get done in the next two weeks, so be looking for that update!

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Progress Check #1

    "Progress Check" is something I'm going to try to do weekly (on Fridays) so I can be accountable to myself and hopefully inspire someone else that is wanting to lose weight.  Ethan and I have been working out at least 6xs a week and eating healthy since December 30, 2012.  Eating healthy to me is low calorie, low sugar, low carb.  Those are probably the things I watch most when reading food labels.  I have found that low carb works best for me for losing weight, but honestly you just have to figure out what works for you and go with it.  Here's a run down of my progress since we've started...

    Basic Stats
    • Starting weight 12/30/12:  163.0 - my heaviest ever! Obviously it was time for a change for me!
    • End Weight 1/31/13: 157.4
    Sweet! Down 5.6 lbs in a month!
    • Starting weight 2/1/13: 157.0
    • End Weight 2/27/13: 152.8
    Down another 4.2 lbs that month!
    • Starting weight 3/4/13: 155.4 (A wonderful 3-day wedding weekend to Tampa is to blame!)
    • End weight 3/28/13: 149.2! (Wahooooo back in the 140s!)
    Down 6.2 lbs since I gained a few over our mini-vacay!

    So here we are in April and my starting weight is 152.0 (as of April 1).  I'm pretty sure I can blame Dakota and Alexis' wedding for me having gained a few more lbs.  It's super hard to be "good" when every weekend there's a shower or luncheon or rehearsal to go to!  I'm trying not to be a yo-yo dieter and I think I've been pretty good because we've stuck with it for going on 4 months now!  Eating right and exercise have definitely become routine now!  I'm also trying to experiment with different types of foods.  I've given Greek yogurt a chance and I've definitely become addicted! 

    Weight Goal for April 30:  Be under 145 lbs.
    Greatest accomplishment so far:  Fitting back in my brown work pants
    Hardest obstacle so far:  Managing my time - Ethan, work, working out...

    I think next Friday when I have my PC #2 I'll try to include pics, measurement stats, and weight.  Here's to accountability!

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Weekend Fun

    First day back to work after an awesome 3-day weekend stinks.. end of story.  Oh well, life goes on and I can't wait for next weekend to do it all over again!  Friday was Good Friday so I had the day off from work and it was gorgeous and hot outside!  I spend from 11-3:30ish outside on our private beach area.  Everyone I knew had to work so it was just me, myself, and I.  Can't say I didn't enjoy just the "me time."  Apparently over the long, cold winter I forgot how to evenly apply sunscreen because I have these random burnt patches all over me! Haha!  Ethan got home around 2:45 and did lay by the pool with me till about 3:30 when Alexis and Dakota came over.

    Your typical "beach pic" - thighs and sand
    We had planned on having a homemade sushi night.  It was a lot of fun, but extremely messy and pretty expensive.  I think next time we'll just go out for sushi and leave the rolling to the pros!

    Mine actually looked good AND tasted good!
     After dinner we went to see Olympus Has Fallen.  GREAT MOVIE! Oh my gosh! It had my adrenaline running and was non-stop action from the start!

    Saturday was another beach day then we headed to Foley to eat dinner at Lambert's Cafe and do some shopping at Tanger.

    Lex's 1st "Old Lady" Purchases
    Sunday was Easter!  I am so thankful that I serve a living Savior!! We had an Easter lunch at Mom's house and then later went to Sarah's for an Easter dinner.  Ethan's parents are in town till next Monday.  They're moving to Denver at the end of the month, so it'll probably be awhile till we see them again.
    March 31, 2013 - Easter Sunday
     It's been "Cheat Meal" week for about two weeks now, so I'm really excited for me and Ethan to get back to normal meals and workouts.  My birthday is about 5 weeks away so we've set some major goals for ourselves.  Ethan's is to lose 15 lbs. and mine is to get down into the 130s.

    Until next time,