Monday, April 8, 2013

Beach Days & Summer Fun

Looks like my weekends are going to be a bunch of the same 'ole, same 'ole and I couldn't be happier about it!  Spent most of Saturday at the beach with Mom and Lex.  Sun on my skin, sand in my toes.. and about 30 sand flea bites.  I could do without those and the angry pink sunburn I got on the backs of my legs, but honestly wouldn't trade a beach day for anything.  Next weekend I am going to practice my sunscreen application.. I have the weirdest burnt spots!

Saturday night we went to the semi-finals game for the Ice Flyers.  Awesome game!  I mean right from the start the players were 110%.  Fast plays, rough hits, it was great!  The Flyers ended up winning 1-0 and are headed to the Finals again!! Game 1 is Tuesday, but unfortunately Dakota asked for the tickets first, so we won't be going, but we've been promised the Sunday tickets if there has to be a Game 3.

Church on Sunday was nice, had lunch with Mom and Dad at Applebee's, then went back to their house for an epic nap while Ethan played golf.  Congrats, Hunny, on shooting your best game yet! ;) Sunday night after church we met the Howells, Boroskis, and Cunninghams at Teriyake Cafe for dinner.  Can't believe it's already Monday again, but I've got lots & lots of home DIY stuff I want to get done in the next two weeks, so be looking for that update!

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