Friday, April 5, 2013

Progress Check #1

"Progress Check" is something I'm going to try to do weekly (on Fridays) so I can be accountable to myself and hopefully inspire someone else that is wanting to lose weight.  Ethan and I have been working out at least 6xs a week and eating healthy since December 30, 2012.  Eating healthy to me is low calorie, low sugar, low carb.  Those are probably the things I watch most when reading food labels.  I have found that low carb works best for me for losing weight, but honestly you just have to figure out what works for you and go with it.  Here's a run down of my progress since we've started...

Basic Stats
  • Starting weight 12/30/12:  163.0 - my heaviest ever! Obviously it was time for a change for me!
  • End Weight 1/31/13: 157.4
Sweet! Down 5.6 lbs in a month!
  • Starting weight 2/1/13: 157.0
  • End Weight 2/27/13: 152.8
Down another 4.2 lbs that month!
  • Starting weight 3/4/13: 155.4 (A wonderful 3-day wedding weekend to Tampa is to blame!)
  • End weight 3/28/13: 149.2! (Wahooooo back in the 140s!)
Down 6.2 lbs since I gained a few over our mini-vacay!

So here we are in April and my starting weight is 152.0 (as of April 1).  I'm pretty sure I can blame Dakota and Alexis' wedding for me having gained a few more lbs.  It's super hard to be "good" when every weekend there's a shower or luncheon or rehearsal to go to!  I'm trying not to be a yo-yo dieter and I think I've been pretty good because we've stuck with it for going on 4 months now!  Eating right and exercise have definitely become routine now!  I'm also trying to experiment with different types of foods.  I've given Greek yogurt a chance and I've definitely become addicted! 

Weight Goal for April 30:  Be under 145 lbs.
Greatest accomplishment so far:  Fitting back in my brown work pants
Hardest obstacle so far:  Managing my time - Ethan, work, working out...

I think next Friday when I have my PC #2 I'll try to include pics, measurement stats, and weight.  Here's to accountability!

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