Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 1 Weigh-in

So.. first week back on P90X did not go as planned... I've failed miserably at starting my diet again. I was all ready to start last Sunday.  We even got up before church and worked out.  Awesome! Great start!  BUT THEN... Ethan decides he doesn't want to start the "diet" portion of the DIET until Monday.  I protest.  I whine.  I don't get my way.  Instead of starting my Week 1 off with a bang, I start it off with Oreos.  Yes, I caved and we had Firehouse Subs and TWO packages of Oreos (double stuff also, mind you.) We. Are. Fatties.

Ugh, so the whole week was ruined for me diet-wise and I only worked out once. Reason being we had sooo much going on this week.  I don't think we were actually at our house one night the past week, which makes it really hard to eat right for dinner and/or exercise. Dang it.  Fall down seven times, stand up eight.  I'm ready to kick this week in the butt.

Not that they're going to be motivating for anyone, but here's this past week's stats:

  • starting weight: 151.4
  • lbs shed this week: +1.6 ::cringe::
  • lbs shed in total: +1.6
  • lbs still need to shed: 26.4 28.0
  • Day 30 Goal: 143.0
  • Day 60 Goal: 135.0
  • Day 90 Goal: 125.0 (roughly 25 lbs from start, and ultimately almost 40 lbs from my heaviest!)
  • Success: Thinking "Hey, here we go again!  Let's kick this diet in the BOOTY!!"
  • Set-backs: Eating everything in sight and not exercising... kinda major. Ok, seriously major.
  • Exercise: I did plyo on Monday.. that totally counts right?!
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