Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Fun

First day back to work after an awesome 3-day weekend stinks.. end of story.  Oh well, life goes on and I can't wait for next weekend to do it all over again!  Friday was Good Friday so I had the day off from work and it was gorgeous and hot outside!  I spend from 11-3:30ish outside on our private beach area.  Everyone I knew had to work so it was just me, myself, and I.  Can't say I didn't enjoy just the "me time."  Apparently over the long, cold winter I forgot how to evenly apply sunscreen because I have these random burnt patches all over me! Haha!  Ethan got home around 2:45 and did lay by the pool with me till about 3:30 when Alexis and Dakota came over.

Your typical "beach pic" - thighs and sand
We had planned on having a homemade sushi night.  It was a lot of fun, but extremely messy and pretty expensive.  I think next time we'll just go out for sushi and leave the rolling to the pros!

Mine actually looked good AND tasted good!
 After dinner we went to see Olympus Has Fallen.  GREAT MOVIE! Oh my gosh! It had my adrenaline running and was non-stop action from the start!

Saturday was another beach day then we headed to Foley to eat dinner at Lambert's Cafe and do some shopping at Tanger.

Lex's 1st "Old Lady" Purchases
Sunday was Easter!  I am so thankful that I serve a living Savior!! We had an Easter lunch at Mom's house and then later went to Sarah's for an Easter dinner.  Ethan's parents are in town till next Monday.  They're moving to Denver at the end of the month, so it'll probably be awhile till we see them again.

March 31, 2013 - Easter Sunday
 It's been "Cheat Meal" week for about two weeks now, so I'm really excited for me and Ethan to get back to normal meals and workouts.  My birthday is about 5 weeks away so we've set some major goals for ourselves.  Ethan's is to lose 15 lbs. and mine is to get down into the 130s.

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