Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday!

So I saw this on one of my favorite blogs..  She lists the five "highs" of the week for Friday!  I like the idea.  It's clever and catchy and something I'm going to do every week!

1.  I'll just start off with that my boss has taken two days of leave this week. Which. Is. Awesome. :)

2.  We had a looooong board meeting last night and I got home at 9:45.  The happy side of this? I earned 6.75 hours of comp time! Woot woot!  I've got two days extra I'm taking off on the 4th so that will come in handy!

3.  The Miami Heat won another championship! Haha! I enjoy this only because Ethan hates them so much!  I honestly couldn't care less.  Now.. what's the countdown to FSU football?!

4.  Dieting was a hit this week!  So far (I've got till Monday for my "full week" weigh-in) I've lost 1 lb!  I made a huge thing of ground turkey and brown rice and brought it to work and have been eating a serving a day for lunch.  Today's the last day (Thank you, Jesus!), but I think I'm going to do it again next week because its a.) so easy, b.) so cheap, and c.) so healthy!  I might mix it up and do taco-themed lunches next week.  Basically the same as this week except add some black beans,lettuce, and taco sauce! Boom! Taco-themed!

5.  I've made some progressive steps towards me and Ethan paying off all our debt and increasing our savings.  I figure I just have to take these steps and make them habits and we'll be well on our way to house/new car/baby next year!!

Well, folks, there it is.. my High Five for Friday! 

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