Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May's Birchbox

I was pretty impressed with my May Birchbox.  I don't think it was necessarily "themed" but the majority of my stuff was for hair, but I'm pretty sure on my profile on their website I said I like hair stuff best.  I've also learned that everyone's box is different.  I know a few people that get them and we all had different stuff, give or take a couple duplicate items.

This blueberry scented shave cream was probably my least favorite item.  The cream didn't latter up and had the consistency of conditioner.  I've shaved with conditioner before in a pinch, but I feel like it's not as smooth of a shave as my normal Target brand shaving (gel) cream.  The blueberry scent was okay.. not something I'd always like to smell like either.
This hair mask was the bomb.com!  It smelled amazing and left my hair smooth, silky, and shiny!  If anything, I'd actually buy the full-size version of this bad boy!
My Birchbox also came with a complimenting hair oil for the previously mentioned (and raved-about) hair mask.  I still haven't opened this because I'm still using the Ojon oil from April's Box.. I'm sure I'll get around to it!
Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi is a yummy smelling perfume.  Very fruity, floral, and girly, but again.. I'm not a perfume person, so after smelling this and realizing it's probably too strong of a scent for my sensitive little self.. I gave the sample to Alexis.  I know she'll enjoy it more than I would!

I was pretty pumped to see some CC cream in the box.  I use BB cream and really didn't know the difference, but wanted to try them.  BB stands for "beautifying beads" and is a light, whipped foundation that offers just enough coverage without being thick.  CC cream stands for "color correcting" and while I feel like all my flaws were in fact "color corrected" I also felt like I had primer on my face.  It was thick and sticky... so not my foundation style.

This little beauty was probably my second favorite out of the bunch.  It's a hair detangler and it smells uh-maze-ing!  It did leave my hair slightly greasy if I used too much, so I don't think I'll switch over from my usual "It's a 10" hair detangler product, but it was worth trying out.

So there ya go, my 2nd Birchbox and I am more thrilled than ever to get my June box!! :)

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