Tuesday, June 11, 2013

P90X Day 1

So here we go again with the P90X Day 1.. I'm pretty sure I have about 8 other blog titles like this one.  *This* time me and Ethan are in it together with no extra workouts (he was getting up at 4:15 for a few weeks to workout on base with a co-worker and was exhausted and didn't want to work out with me when the time came, thus I'd skip my workout) and 100% dedication.  We've done this before and it works out as long as you have a partner-in-crime!  Starting Monday, June 10, Day 90 will be September 7, 2013!

After our glutton-fest 2013 on our trip last week, we're both pretty happy about eating right.  I have gallbladder issues that have returned since I haven't been eating right, and I know from past experience that if/and when I eat right, I have no problems.

Day 1 for the diet went really well for me!  I ate clean and healthy and didn't cheat one time!  I didn't drink nearly enough water, but that's always a challenge for me.  I'm just not a big drinker.  Call me crazy, but this time I'm really getting in shape to prepare my body for a baby.  No, we're not thinking about starting a family just yet, but I've been reading another blog and I'm surprised how great her pregnancy was and all because she was super healthy/in shape when she got pregnant.  I'm contemplating getting a ball to sit on at work to help strengthen my core.. wonder how the boss would feel about that?!

I love this little piece of motivation.  I know the only thing in my way is ME!  If I just get out of my way I can accomplish soo much!  I've got big goals and dreams! Let's go!

I'll share pics again when I have a Day 30 pic to compare it with!  I'll also post my stats with their comparisons for Day 30!  Here's to another 90 Days!!

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