Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Fun

Another Monday looking back over a fun weekend...

Friday was an okay day at work.  I had decided to start taking vitamins and the direction said "take two with meal."  I figured my 20+ grams of protein coffee shake counted as a meal.. No, it does not.  Two hours-ish after taking the two horse pills, I'm ready to die.  Cold chills, sweats, dry-heaving.. not pretty. (TMI.. yea, I know.)  I was able to combat the gross feeling by making sure I was never hungry the rest of the day.  The second I let my stomach realize it was empty, it was back to feeling like death.  After work, me and Ethan headed out to go see the new Superman movie - Man of Steel.  GREAT movie, but a little long for my taste (2.5 hours).  I'm not a big movie-watcher and I get so uncomfortable in the movie seats.  Add me just feeling miserable from my vitamin episode and I was a regular 'ole party pooper! Ethan has since sworn to never take me to another movie..

Saturday Ethan got up to go golfing (big surprise..) and I was left at home to fend for myself.  It was a nice, quiet morning for me.  I got up did the dishes, two loads of laundry, swept, and cleaned-up our room/bathroom.  Went for a run on the treadmill, ate a veggie egg-white omelet, and went downstairs to the pool to layout.  I decided to try a half-dose of vitamins.. still felt like crap, but not as bad as Friday.  Apparently my body thinks I get enough vitamins as it is.. The pool was SUPER crowded and I saw a few interesting characters while I was there.. There was a girl that had a mermaid fin/tail thing.  I'm talking unitard with a fin!  She must have been at least 14 or 15-years old! (And Dakota thought me and Taylor were weird at 15 for playing The Sims all night...) I stayed by the pool till about 2:30 then headed back upstairs to wait for Ethan to get home.  When he got home we headed to Black Water River to play on the boat with Mom, Dad, Dakota, Lex, Hannah, Grandma, and Grandpa.  Of course I would get sick and have to stay on the shore.. nasty Milton water.  Honestly, it just wasn't my weekend to be feeling great!

Sunday we got up, went to church, and stayed at my parent's house all day for Father's Day.  Nothing special, just ate and took a glorious 3-hour nap!  Went back to night church and then went home.  Just your plain Jane kinda day.  On a funny note - I got Ethan a Father's Day card.. from the cats.  He has such a love/hate relationship with the boys that when I found the card, I just HAD to get it for him.  Mind you, I'm not one of those crazies that always gets a card from the pets.  I was searching for my own Dad's Father's Day card and came across the cat card.  Anyways, I wanted to try to freak Ethan out by thinking I was pregnant.  Since I've been feeling like crap the past couple days, he's literally asked me everyday if I am pregnant.  Each time I've told him no.. so Sunday morning we wake up and I say "I got you a card..." all coy and such.. I get the card, hand it to him, and Mr. Romantic himself says "I know you're not pregnant."  Not wanting to ruin my possible "gotcha haha" moment, I just shrug my shoulders with a smile.  He opens the card and low-and-behold it's from the cats.  He got a laugh out of it.  I asked him why he immediately knew I wasn't pregnant.  He says "because you couldn't keep a secret like that."  Ok, touche, Ethan.  Guess when the time comes, I'll have to be sneaky and very creative! Hah!

On a side note - Diet Week 1 has been great!  I've lost 3 lbs!! :) I'll do a diet post soon, but probably will wait till the actual Day 30 to do so! See ya then!

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