Monday, July 1, 2013

High Five for Friday.. on a Monday!

How awesome to be so busy over the weekend I didn't have time to write my H54F on actual Friday?!  Here's the highlights over the past week/weekend.

1.  It was a pretty slow week at work, but that allowed me to work ahead BIG time!  I got to leave an hour early on Tuesday (Blue Wahoos game) and Wednesday (church) and take a half day on Friday! Woot-woot!

{6/25/13 Blue Wahoos Game}

2.  Dana and Brandy were in town visiting this weekend, so I got to see them Thursday night, all of Friday afternoon, and Saturday!  Talk about some serious tan that I got this weekend!  Thank you, Lord, for some gorgeous weather!

{Gorgeous Sunset from our Thursday Night Waverunner Ride}

3.  I went with Mom on Friday night to pickup Hannah from camp.  Thankful that a.) she didn't want to eat dinner at camp and b.) she didn't win any awards during the week so we didn't have to stay for the awards ceremony.

4.  Hannah's baby chicks finally hatched.  "Nugget" hatched on Tuesday and "Tyson" hatched on Thursday.  Hannah fell instantly in-love with the little guys.  The only bad news I have from this is that somehow they disappeared on Sunday.  The door to the coop was left open and Buffy (momma chicken) must have left the nest with the babies following her and when she got back in the coop they were too small to get back up.  So sad.

{Family Pic while "Tyson" is still hatching}

5.  I was able to have some quality time with a lot of people that I love.  I got to lay out at the gorgeous Pensacola Beach with Mom, Aunt Terri, Dana, and Brandy on Friday and Saturday.  My Mom and Hannah stayed over Friday night and we watched This Means War and Hannah practiced her fish-tail braid on me about 100 times.  Saturday evening I went on a date with my favorite person in the whole wide world.  We hit up the mall, got sushi for dinner, and bought Despicable Me (we still haven't watched it since we're such party animals and fell asleep during it.. again).  Sunday afternoon I went to the mall with Alexis and Dakota to buy Mom a birthday present.  Taylor came along too and after we went to her house to hang out.  Sunday night we had dinner with the Howells, the Cunninghams, and Mike & Amanda at Outback.

Bonus happy moments: 

1.  Dexter: Season 8 started Sunday night.  Of course me and Ethan were too late to catch the 8:00 showing, so we brilliantly decided to stay up for the 11:00 showing.  Needless to say, we didn't make it.  Ethan doesn't even remember the opening credits and I fell asleep about 20 minutes in.  Guess we'll watch it On-Demand tonight! 

2.  I scored a super cute pair of FSU shoes at Belk for $4.02!  How you ask?!  Well, last weekend, I found these super cute burlap TOMs-looking FSU shoes at Belk for $40!  I had just bought out Charlotte Russe during their Happy Hour, so I told Ethan I could wait till next payday to get the shoes.  I had a $20 gift card from my birthday, but they'd still be $20 out of my pocket.  Since we're such mall rats, we went back to the mall again this weekend.  Ethan worked with Grandpa on Saturday and made some extra cash!  He so generously gave me half!! Awesome Husband Award! ;) Anyways, I decided since Ethan gave me some extra money I'd go ahead and get the shoes.  I've honestly thought about them night and day!  We get to Belk and the shoes are part of a 1-day Sale.  $29.99 Score!  Then my frugal self checked and scored a 10% off coupon.  Double Score!  THEN I find out my gift card is $25!! Triple Score!! So I walk outta there having only paid $4.02 for my super awesome cute shoes!  I'm pretty sure that's like a 90% savings!!

{My new kicks!  Photobomb courtesy of Jinx}

What a great weekend!  This week I've only got to work 3 days and then I'll have a glorious 5-day weekend!  Super excited!  We've got lots of fun planned for this holiday weekend! :)

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