Friday, July 26, 2013

It's a Royal Baby!!

Busy busy weeks mean fast fast weeks!  Here's my High 5 for Friday for this week!

1. I had a great time celebrating Aunt Tracee's birthday at Tokyo's with all the girls!  The best part?  Champagne cupcakes from the awesome Kates.Cakes!

{Celebrating Tracee with Sushi & Hibachi}

{You haven't lived until you've had a Champagne Cupcake with Raspberry Filling}

2. Bible Study night is quickly becoming one of my favorite nights of the week.  It's such a wonderful opportunity for us to get together and learn how to be better wives.  This week the topic was "Loving Your Husband."  Did you know the Bible has 4 different words for love and that wives and husbands are commanded to love each other different ways.  The wife is supposed to "Phileo" love her husband, which is a tender, affectionate love; and the husband is supposed to "Agape" love his wife, which is a self-sacrificing love like Christ loved the Church!  It's amazing how convicting something so small as how you're supposed to Biblically love your husband can be!  I look forward to next week when we talk about "loving our children."  None of us have children yet (just one baby girl in utero), so I'm curious to see where this takes us.

3. We found out this week that Little Baby Walter will be a BOY!

{Baby Boy Walter will be here December 2013}

4. Our condo FINALLY got new sliding-glass doors!  I'm hoping they're more energy efficient and our electricity bill will go down!!

5. And my favorite news of this week?!  The Royal Baby was born on Monday, July 22, and it's a BOY!  I'll admit I was pretty bummed it wasn't a Princess, but it's still exciting with all the tradition and hoopla of the British Monarchy.  Here's to His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

{The Golden Easel that formally announced the birth}

{Prince George}

Oh my goodness, that little ball of baby goodness makes my heart melt!  I can't wait till all my pregnant friends have their babies in December!  I need some newborn cuddles to squash some of my baby fever! Haha!  That's all for now!

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