Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend at Bernie's.. I mean Taylor's

I'm absolutely sick of the rain.. for the past two weeks or so my poor weekends have been soggy.  Even though it's been raining nonstop, we haven't let it put a damper (pun intended) on us going out and being little social butterflies!

Friday night we headed over to Sarah's house for Zoee's 9th Birthday Party!  Funniest moment was when I walked in, Zoee looks me up and down and says "I don't think you should eat any pizza."  Umm.. Ok?!  I look at her, while Sarah is watching with suspense as Zoee is unpredictable with her comments, and say "why not?"  She nonchalantly says "because you're wearing a white shirt." Deep breath out.. Zoee does not want me to eat pizza for my diet-sake but because it's messy. Oh, Zoee, you are a trip! 

{Birthday Girl}

Once the kids left for Sam's Fun City, I left with Taylor and Katie to head over to My Place Pensacola's Ladies' Night.  It was lame.  Probably won't waste my time going to another one, unless it's specifically for something I'm interested in like the time they were doing cheap 3D ultrasounds for pregnant ladies.  No worries, we fixed the lame ladies' night by heading over to Five Sisters for some super yummy soul food!  After that we headed back to Taylor's house and just hung out.

Saturday was the Pensacola Beach Air Show.  I wanted to stay home and watch the show and hang out at the beach, but somehow I got talked into going to Daniel's parents' house to BBQ and layout by their pool with Taylor and Katie.  We got to BBQ, but the weather was a bust and it go so bad that we actually lost power!  Sucks because we were in the process of making a dessert pizza, but no power, no oven, no pizza! :( Since the power went out, we headed back over to Taylor's house.  I did my first Crossfit WOD (workout of the day).  It was 400 meters of walking lunges. Easy-peasy.. NOT!  Three days later and my legs are still the equivalent of a newborn horse - all wobble-y and jello-y.  Probably the last time I ever do THAT many lunges.

{Photoshop my face in there!}

Saturday night was Marissa's Gender Reveal Party for Little Baby G!! :)  Everything was decorated so cute with chalkboards and burlap!

{Bowties or Hairbows?!}

Marissa and Lewis had a cute little cake with the inside dyed blue for a boy or pink for a girl. 

{Cutting the Cake to find out!!}

{Jumping up and down for a GIRL!!}

{YAY!! A sweet baby GIRL to spoil!!}

We are so excited and can't wait to spoil their BABY GIRL!! Little McKinley June will be here to spoil in December!

After the party, we went to the movies with Taylor and Colin, Leslie and Jourdan, and saw World War Z.  Oh my gosh, BEST movie I've seen in a long time and trust me.. this summer I feel like we've been at the theater EVER.STINKIN.WEEKEND!  I'm not a "go-to-the-movies" type of person.. I prefer to watch a movie braless and in the comfort of my own home! Haha!

Sunday was my typical go to church.  Ethan played heathen and went golfing instead.  After service I headed back over to Taylor's house (are we catching the theme of my weekend?!) to lay out with Marissa and her by the pool.  We got some quality girl time in and some much needed sun!  We ended up staying at Taylor's house till around 10 p.m.

Weekends go by so fast these days!  After our super long 5-day weekend for the 4th, it's hard to go back to the ole regular 2-day weekends!  Anywhos, it's only Tuesday and I'm so ready for next weekend! Until then,

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