Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday!

I kind of got out of the habit for my "High 5 for Friday" Oops.. Anyways, here's my highlights of the past week!

1. Me and Ethan are starting dieting/exercising (me, more than him.. he's kind of already been doing the "exercising" part) today!  We grilled up 7 HUGE chicken breasts to eat as lunch/dinner this week.  A week of "clean-eating".. I'm hoping to drop a couple pounds by next Monday!

2. I had dinner at King's Buffet (yea, doing reeeeaaaalll good on the diet) with Marissa and Taylor.  Marissa's baby belly is looking sooo cute these days!  To me, she's at the point where you're like "yea, she's definitely pregnant," but doesn't look miserable.  Cutest baby bump around!

3. We found out Sunday morning at church that Stephanie is pregnant again! The whole Church has been praying for her a baby for about 2 years now! What an awesome answer to prayers!  Little baby O should be here around May 2014!

4. I signed up for New York & Company's emails and now get coupons just about everyday!  Who knew that had such great sales?!  Liz and I hit them up on our lunch break today (Friday) and both scored on some major deals! I ended up getting two dressy tops and a necklace for $40, saved $70, AND got back $30 in their "City Cash" that I can spend next week!! What what!!

5. A trip to New Orleans in October is in the works!! Eeeek! So excited!

Labor Day is Monday so I've got a 3-day weekend! Again, what what!!  Looking forward to some time off with my Hubby!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Backstreet's Back ALL RIGHT!

Relived my childhood days this past weekend by going to a Backstreet Boys concert in Atlanta with some friends! This all started back in June when I happened to check who was touring near us on TicketMaster's email they sent me. Low and behold - BSB was coming to town! After working out some details, we decided on the show in Atlanta. The concert was on Thursday night, so we drove up to ATL that morning, attended the show, did some shopping on Friday, and got home Friday night.

{Thanks, Pandora, for providing the play list for the drive}

{Pretty day for a drive to ATL}

{All dolled-up for the Concert}

{Photoshoot in the car waiting in concert traffic}

{No, we're not in a creepy alleyway, despite what the picture shows}

{The Yard}

{Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D}

{The blue dot is Jesse McCartney}

{Backstreet Boys!!}

{We love you, BSB!}

{My 1st Macaroons}

{Strawberry Shortcake, White Chocolate Raspberry & Red Velvet}

{Post Concert Shopping Trip = Success!}

{We caught Sarah sitting at any opportunity}

{Had to get a pic because a blogger I stalk follow just bought this for her nursery}

{Morning cuddles - I think he missed his Momma!}

All-in-all it was a great concert and a fun trip.  I'm so glad we decided to go! Our next stop?! Vegas to see Britney! Better get to planning on that one! ;) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Another Rainy Weekend

Just another one of my typical weekend posts..

Friday after work I headed over to the Howell household, Ethan was working out and the boys wanted to get dinner afterwards.  We settled on Miller's Ale House and met Daniel and Katie there.  Miller's dessert "Captain Jack's Buried Treasure" has got to be one of the best restaurant desserts out there!  It's ice cream cake with Oreos, hot fudge, and heath bar!

Saturday me and Ethan ran some little errands.  Had to make a couple returns at the mall and we needed to pick up some bulk items at Sam's Club.  Saturday night we ate dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at Coach-n-Four and watched Olympus Has Fallen afterwards.

Sunday was church.  We ate at Vallartes with Mom and Dad, got Ethan a new phone, and spend the rest of the rainy afternoon watching Toy Story at Mom's house. After service Sunday night we had a surprise birthday party for Bro. Don.

All-in-all it was a good weekend, nothing too exciting, but it's still a weekend!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When did I get so old?

It's come to my knowledge that I'm old.  Here's how I know how..

1.  I've started eating fiber bars.  Fiber One 90 Calorie Bars are disgusting. Kellogg's Fiber Plus Antioxidants are the

2.  I get excited when said fiber bars are on sale.  For example, this past week CVS had them 2/$5.  I had $5 off your $15 purchase coupon.  I'm all excited because I'm going to get 6 boxes for $10. What a steal!

3.  Turns out I had an even more "old lady" purchase than just my 6 boxes of fiber bars.  CVS only had 3 boxes on the shelves (what a waste..) so I wander over to the vitamins.  BOGO!  Score!  Long story short - I walk outta there with 3 boxes of fiber bars and 2 bottles of Women's Daily multi-vitamins.  Pass me my walker.

4.  Open enrollment for work insurance was actually interesting this year.  I've taken the info packets home, looked over them, and cost compared.  Highlighter and calculators may or may not have been used.

5.  Lastly, I found my first grey hair(s) last night.  R.I.P my youth..
Ok, so I realize these few examples don't make me old.. but I'm pretty sure my actions don't make me seems 16 ;) haha!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Fun

So basically we spent our entire weekend eating and/or going to the mall...

Friday night - Dinner at Olive Garden with the Howells and Mike & Amanda, followed by a quick mall trip, then dessert at TCBY.

Saturday - Lunch at Chick-fil-A, pool time and shopping with Taylor while the boys watched golf and worked out, followed by dinner at The Happy Pig.  Sadly no dessert.  Mine and Taylor's suggest of Krispy Kreme got shot down by the health freaks..

Sunday - Church, lunch at Chili's {hello honey chipolte chicken crispers!}, followed by a mall trip with Mom, Lex, Hannah, and Skylar which is not limited to Starbucks and Cinnabon, night service with a trip to McDonald's for my favorite fish sandwich and a chocolate dipped cone!

Gosh.. just writing that out I feel like I just doubled my chances of having a heart attack!  After having a nice week off from dieting/exercising I'm ready to jump back into it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Friday Friday!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I really feel like I blink these days and we're already back to the weekend!  I was warned of this when I started my new job.  Since my weeks are now dictated by deadlines and board meetings, the days really do fly by!

Here's my High 5 for Friday this week:

1. Monday I hosted our Ladies' Bible Study.  I used my crockpot for one of my first times to make pulled pork.  All day I was worried my house was going to burn down or that I didn't actually turn the crockpot on so I'd have a lump of raw meat when I got home.  Long story short - my house smelled amazing when I got home and I had a perfectly cooked pork butt! :) The study this week was on "Loving Your Children."  Since none of us really have kids yet, we kind of discussed dreams/goals/examples of what we see in other mothers.  Next week is "Purity" and I'm really looking forward to that!

2. I was a complete bum this week.  Mainly because I didn't feel that great, but it was nice to not have to be somewhere every night of the week.  I even skipped Wednesday night church, which is very unlike me.

3. With all my extra evening freetime, me and Ethan finished Season 2 of Game of Thrones.  I feel bad for Ethan.  He hates sitting at home doing nothing and that's all I've wanted to do the past three days.  Because of this, I texted him this morning and basically was like you're taking me out tonight, so plan something! Haha!

4. We made homemade pizza for dinner Thursday night.  So good!  And my savings at Publix were even better!  Pizza dough was buy 1, get 1 free.  Ragu alfredo sauce was buy 1, get 1 free, plus I had a $.40 off 2 electronic coupon, and a $1 off 2 manufacturer's coupon. {Making my 2 cans of Ragu, $.75 a piece!!}  Cheese and dessert were even on sale!  Basically I got out of there spending $11, and saving $10! Woohoo! Obviously I already had chicken at home and sun dried tomatoes, but honestly we could make another one tonight and not spend a dime!  Go me for being frugal!

5. Today is pay day!  I don't know why, but I love being able to log on to all my accounts and pay my bills.  I'm pretty sure that makes me a weirdo, but maybe I'm just thankful I have a job and I'm able to pay my bills on time!  God has blessed me so much!  Also, I'm pumped that it's August!  Not necessarily because summer is almost over {sob.. tear.. wahhh} but we get payed 3 times this month and we're going to pay off 2 of our debts and put a big chunk on another! Yay!!! :))))

Last little side note - Dr. Bradley told me yesterday that the Ward family does not make ugly children.  I have to remember to tell Mom that one! ;)  She'll get a kick out of it!

All right, I'm looking forward to the weekend and I hope/pray/wish that it's sunny!! Please be sunny! I NEED a tan!! :)