Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday!

I kind of got out of the habit for my "High 5 for Friday" Oops.. Anyways, here's my highlights of the past week!

1. Me and Ethan are starting dieting/exercising (me, more than him.. he's kind of already been doing the "exercising" part) today!  We grilled up 7 HUGE chicken breasts to eat as lunch/dinner this week.  A week of "clean-eating".. I'm hoping to drop a couple pounds by next Monday!

2. I had dinner at King's Buffet (yea, doing reeeeaaaalll good on the diet) with Marissa and Taylor.  Marissa's baby belly is looking sooo cute these days!  To me, she's at the point where you're like "yea, she's definitely pregnant," but doesn't look miserable.  Cutest baby bump around!

3. We found out Sunday morning at church that Stephanie is pregnant again! The whole Church has been praying for her a baby for about 2 years now! What an awesome answer to prayers!  Little baby O should be here around May 2014!

4. I signed up for New York & Company's emails and now get coupons just about everyday!  Who knew that had such great sales?!  Liz and I hit them up on our lunch break today (Friday) and both scored on some major deals! I ended up getting two dressy tops and a necklace for $40, saved $70, AND got back $30 in their "City Cash" that I can spend next week!! What what!!

5. A trip to New Orleans in October is in the works!! Eeeek! So excited!

Labor Day is Monday so I've got a 3-day weekend! Again, what what!!  Looking forward to some time off with my Hubby!

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