Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

It's so nice having a 3-day weekend.  Come Sunday night, you're like woo-hoo another day off! My 3-day weekend started Friday night at Aunt Tracee's "Swap Party."  Basically it's a free garage sale where you bring 15 items and everyone else brings 15 items and you take turns swapping your stuff.  I got some pretty good stuff!  A Chi curling iron, a couple books, a couple costume jewelry rings, and a foot scrubber.  Ethan thought the foot scrubber was pretty disgusting, but it was 100% new and still wrapped!  I did walk away with some fabulous party dresses!  Check these out! ;)

Saturday me and Ethan cleaned the house pretty good and then headed to lunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe.  He got some kind of omelet scramble and I got the spinach salad.  My fancy taste buds LOVE this salad.  It's spinach topped with bacon, mushroom, pecans, goat cheese, and a garlic balsamic dressing. Mmm mmm mmm!  After that we headed over to Taylor's house so the boys could watch some football.  Florida State didn't play until Monday night, so I was not interested in the Saturday games.  Taylor and I went shopping instead.  I hit up NY&Company's "Buy One, Get One Free Pants" sale.  Ended up getting 4 new pairs of pants!  I'm really trying to update my work look.  I want to be taken seriously if I'm ever to be considered for my boss' job. 

Sunday was a normal church day.  Went to church, ate lunch with my family, took a nap, returned to church.  The only thing out of the ordinary was this special herbal tea I took that's supposed to be slimming.  I'll let you read between the lines there.  Let's just say that bad boy hit me about 10:30 and I was miserable until 2 am.

Monday we had Sarah and Emily's families over to celebrate Ethan's and Sarah's birthdays.  The weather was kind of crappy, so we didn't really do much but eat and watch a movie.  The kids swam some, but nothing crazy.  Emily brought cake pops and they were to die for.  I ate three, which I regretted when I was super nauseated, but an awesome nap on the couch totally cured that!  Once they left, we headed over to Taylor's house to watch FSU play!! We totally stomped Pitt 41-13 and our freshman quarterback is lookin' goooood!! Watch out for Famous Jameis!!

It was such a good relaxing 3-day weekend.  Our next vacation is scheduled for the beginning of October when we go to New Orleans! I am sooo excited about that!  I've never been and I am dying to eat at Cafe du Monde!  Busy week at work since we have a Board Meeting, but I'm sure it will just fly by!

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