Monday, September 30, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures*

* This is my sad attempt at "my weekend in pictures."  One - I realize I need to get a better camera than just my crappy iPhone 4.  Two - I need to actually remember to take said pictures, crappy cellphone or not.

Weekend started off with Me, Ethan, Mom, Alexis, Hannah, and Lauren eating dinner at Cactus Flower.  Taylor was right, it is fancy Mexican food and pretty dang expensive. 
I think I prefer Vallartes any day of the week.

Hannah and Lauren wanted to be tourists and get their picture taken at the big shell.
So naturally I took the opportunity to make Ethan take a picture with me.

*Insert cute picture of all the girls in our PJs, making cookies, painting our nails, and eating ice cream while watching a movie.

*Saturday morning - insert cute picture of us sipping coffee on the balcony.

When we finally decided to head to the beach, there was a Crossfit competition going on in the parking lot.  Pretty cool considering I actually knew what Crossfit was.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Hannah got to surf.  We played in the water and threw baby jellyfish at each other.

There was even live entertainment - apparently hula-hooping is making its comeback?

After we had gotten our fill of Vitamin D, we headed inside to watch the FSU game!
We won! 4-0 Baby!

Jinx took the opportunity to catch some ZZZs while I got ready for the Seafood Festival.

*Insert picture of the yummy sandwich I ate at the Seafood Festival.  Crawfish tails covered in gumbo sauce in a French roll. Super yummy!

*Insert sad face picture of me when we realized that all the booths CLOSE when it gets dark.  What is the point of having the festival open till 11 p.m. if the booths close. Ugh.. I didn't get to look at anything!

Dakota and Alexis ended up spending the night Saturday night.  We rented Side Effects and ate ice cream again. Fatties - Party of 4.

*Insert picture of me and Ethan looking super cute for church.

*Insert picture of me and Ethan enjoying an afternoon together.  Eating lunch on the balcony, walking over to Day 2 of the Beach Brawl, watching the series finale of Dexter (Terrible finale, btw.. just terrible), and then grocery shopping for the week to come!

There you have it.. my lousy attempt at a weekend in pictures.  Maybe next weekend I'll do better! ;)

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