Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh, hey there, Friday!

And another week bites the dust! Here's my High 5 for Friday this week!

1. Monday was Bible Study.  This week was on "Working from the Home" and Taylor hosted it at her house.  She made yummy Taco soup and delicious lava cakes for dessert to celebrate Katie passing her Sephora makeup certification test!!  The discussion on the subject was interesting as all of us are married, no children, and have jobs "outside the home."

2. Tuesday was not a "high" day.  It was actually probably the crappiest day I've had in awhile.  Started off early in the morning with the *brand-spankin'-new* dress I had JUST bought for $70 at NY&Company (ok, I didn't really spend that much because I had coupons and such.. but that was the ticket price) broke!  The zipper completely busted and skipped and left a gaping hole in the side. Ugh, double ugh.  It was just super annoying that I had spend that much on the dress just to have it break. Quality stuff right there.  Whatever, I find something else to wear and decide to wear my new patent black wedges from NY&Company.  At least I got to wear one of my new purchases, right?! Well half-way through the morning the right shoe is KILLING my foot.  I thought maybe I just ate too much yummy soup the night before and was swollen.. WRONG! The shoe was an entire size different from the left.  Yup, that's right!  My left shoe was a Size 9, my right a Size 8.  Mind you, I wear a 9, so my poor foot was crammed in that shoe all day.  Top it off, it was a Board Meeting night, plus Distribution day, plus just a busy-all-around kind of day.  It was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

3. On Wednesday I headed home right after work.  It was nice to have that break in the middle of the week.  We normally go to church Wednesday night, but I was tired and wanted to just go home.  I ended up using my new Nike+ Run App on my iPhone and it was AWESOME!  I totally recommend that app!  Ethan went with me about 7 p.m. and I told him we were finally "those beach people" who run and actually take advantage of being outside!

4. Thursday was actually my Friday and that was won.der.ful!  We went to the Jerry's for dinner and went to O'Rilley's afterwards and met up with the gang.

{Downtown @ the Food Trucks}


5. I was off on Friday and that too was won.der.ful! ;) I went to the beach with my Mom, shopped a little in the afternoon, made cupcakes, and had dinner at TGIFridays and got FroYo with the Howells.  We bought the new Star Trek movie and watched that at home after dinner.  A perfect little surprise day off!

{A Perfect Beach Day}

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