Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where I Come From

I found this fun blogging challenge on another blog I follow which brought me to a blog she follows.  It's for the month of September and we're supposed to write on the topics she's assigned.  If you want to check everyone elses post out look here!
Where I Come From..
  • Growing up with my little brother made me patient.
  • Growing up with a little sister made me maternal.
  • Growing up with two happily married parents made me lucky. 
  • Hiding my true feelings made me emotional.
  • My social/emotional anxieties made me self-aware.
  • Not wanting anyones feeling to be hurt made me caring.
  • Not wanting anything but my way made me stubborn.
  • Getting my butt spanked as a child made me less stubborn.
  • Having a huge sense of family made me loving.
  • Not wanting to leave my family made me clingy.
  • Putting others above myself made me unselfish.
  • Little league and high school sports made me athletic.
  • Growing up in Florida made me a summer-lover.
  • Growing up in Florida made me a winter-hater.
  • Not ever wanting to be second made me a hard-worker.
  • Not quiting made me dedicated.
  • Spending most my life as the only granddaughter made me spoiled.
  • Coming to Christ made me redeemed.
  • My education made me more prepared.
  • My job as a proofer made me a better speller.
  • My husband made me his.

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