Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fair's in Town!

Once again I had a wonderful weekend spending time with my family.  I honestly don't know what I'd do if I ever had to move away from them!

Friday night me and Ethan went to the 1st hockey game of the 2013/2014 Season!  It was fun to have the Banner Raising Ceremony and Ring Ceremony from last season's BIG WIN!  We ended up leaving before the last period because Ethan needed to be up early for the 1st day of hunting season!  Everyone join me now for a great, big eye roll.. I'm now a hunting widow on the weekends.

Saturday morning I met Mom & Hannah at Aunt Terri's house for us all to go to the fair!  Hannah and Grayson ended up going off together, leaving me and Mom to hang out.  I love my mom so much!  She's the type of mom you literally can talk about anything to and she understands!  I've also decided I am definitely OLD because I wanted nothing to do with the fair rides.  They all just looked so dirty and unsafe! Hah!  Me & Mom spent our time walking through the exhibits, eating bad food, and just having a good 'ole time!

{Mom, he's got that spittin' look!! - Me, as I hid behind my mom} 

{$5 to feed him carrots is a bit much, but it was fun watching him} 

{Poor baby couldn't see from behind his dreads! Mom said he needed a barrette} 
{Mom, the rebel, petted the "do-not-pet-for-your-safety" zebra}

We walked around the fair a couple of times.  Mom's favorite exhibit was the chickens.  The whole time we're looking at these "prize ribbon winning" chickens, she's going "oh, my Roo is prettier than him.  Oh man, Henry would totally win over that ugly chicken."  Chicken trash talk.. Gotta love it!

{Somewhere after the corndogs, but before the cotton candy binge}

{My artsy-fartsy attempt at capturing this gorgeous day}

{Our Fair Crew}

We went back to Aunt Terri's house to watch FSU v. NC State play.  I honestly was a little worried about this game because FSU tends to always throw their season away by losing to some po-dunk, unranked team.  Thankfully we pulled off a convincing win, something like 49-17.  I really wish we would have not let NC State score, but by the time they did score, we already had our 2nd or 3rd string in.  Hey, a win's a win!  My Saturday night was nothing special.  I goofed off in the gym trying to desperately burn off the corn dogs, cotton candy, wings & pizza I had eaten early.  I say goofed off, but walking/running at an incline on the treadmill is no joke.  550 calories later, I was ready to pass out.  Ethan got home from hunting around 9 and ceremoniously passed out on the couch around 9:01.  To say my Saturday nights will be uneventful for the next however-long-hunting-season-is is an understatement.  That's ok.. I was able to watch bad tv and paint my nails without Ethan complaining about either! ;)

Sunday was a quiet day at Mom's house.  We went to lunch at Vallerta's, came home napped and baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Church that night was nice.  There are a few people yet to be baptized, so Bro. Don gave a rundown of what baptism is and such.  Afterwards we had a Pastor Appreciation Party in the Sunday School rooms!  It was a nice time for some good fellowship and food!

Now it's back to the work week, but that's ok.  It's a super busy week with a Board Meeting and proofing an Agenda and when that clock hits 5 on Friday we are on our way to Tally to see my Noles beat up on some Hurricanes! Can't wait!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Midweek Weekend

Let me just tell you everyone, yes, everyone should take midweek weekends.  It's what I just did and it was fantastic!! You get Saturday, Sunday off, then work Monday, then have Tuesday, Wednesday off, then work Thursday, Friday, then you're back to the weekend!  Hello, perfect schedule!  Actually, I'm pretty sure if I were a nurse I could pull that schedule off every week.  Food for thought..

Anyways, I spent my Tuesday off with my Mom and Aunt Terri.  Mom and I shopped around Belk for a little bit, got pedicures, then went to lunch at Cheddar's with Aunt Terri.  After that, we went over to the new Burlington Coat Factory where I was not impressed.  I don't think I'll be wasting my time in that store anymore..  I got home around 4ish and took the most glorious hour and a half nap one can take.  Got up and me and Ethan headed to Bass Pro Shop so he could get ready for huntin' season (please say with your hickest redneck accent).  I get "Best Wife Ever" award for going to Bass Pro because come on, that's like me taking him into Sephora for two hours.

Wednesday I spend the day with Grandma.  When you shop with Grandma you have to realize you're probably only going to Dillard's and you'll be in that one store for the entire day.  Not that that bothers me, but for some people *cough Ethan cough* they would want to murder someone.  We did spend a good bit of time in Chico's where she went crazy spending gift cards that she just got for her birthday!  We grabbed lunch at Macaroni Grill, which as you all may know, is the least healthy restaurant in history.  Nonetheless, I got some sort of pasta and chowed down on their heavenly rosemary bread like there was no such thing as a diet.  After properly stuffing ourselves, we headed into Dillard's.  I got a really cute chevron shirt and a really cute chevron dress. I plan to wear the dress to church Sunday, so maybe I'll sneak a picture!  I barely made it to Mom's in time to see Dad off to work, but luckily I did and I was able to see my entire family.  We all went to church and then I went home.  I pretty sure I pouted to Ethan about 100 times that I did not want to go back to work and that I needed to be a "lady of leisure."  I'm absolutely sure that *that* lifestyle suits me just right.

But here I am, back at work.  Where I belong, I guess. Ha!  But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already looking forward to the weekend! ;)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Football & Baby Showers

I'm not even going to complain that it's Monday morning.  Nope, not one single peep here!  Why? Because I have tomorrow and Wednesday off AND my boss is out the other days.  I'm enjoying it. Every. Single. Minute of it!

Friday night was fun.  Me & Ethan got our workout in and then headed to dinner at Panera Bread.  I tried their new Squash Soup & Turkey Wheatberry Salad.  Salad yum.  Soup not so much.  After dinner we headed over to Kohl's to check out some pillows that I saw were on sale.  I want some Euro-sized pillows that have white ruffles/layers/texture.  No luck finding premade pillows, but I did score actual Euro-sized ones for 50% off and then an additional 20% off!  We also got a memory foam mattress topper.  Let me just tell you I've slept pretty amazing the past couple nights!  Sooo worth the $26ish we spent!  (Originally $100!!)  We got out of there spending a little more than I would've liked, but we got what I needed and I found the perfect little chalkboard that I've been wanting for a long time! This little guy was on sale for $8.99 and I had that additional 20% off!

{Just me trying to be like Little Baby Garvin}

Saturday Ethan was in a golf tournament and me and Lex ran errands.  Bath & Body Works was having a hand soap and wallflower sale (and yes, we got suckered in..) and I really needed to go to Sam's Club to stock up on some diet-friendly food.  Nothing too exciting on Saturday, but Saturday Night was a completely different story!!

I've been waiting two weeks for the game of the year!  #3 Clemson vs. my #5 Noles!!  It was an amazing game right from the start when Clemson fumbled and we ran it in for a touchdown all within the first 30 seconds of the game!!  The rest of the game was no different!  Me and Grandma were screaming our heads off!  FSU never trailed Clemson and the final score ended up being 51 to 14! I am so so so proud of my Noles!! It was quite the day of upsets in College Football, so I really should've known we would win!  I mean I knew we were going to ;)

Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower for Marissa & McKinley!  The theme was "Cute as a Button."  Taylor did an amazing job with everything and it turned out just perfect!

{McKinley June Garvin}

{Two weekends in a row that I get to have Kates.Cakes?!}

{Me & the Baby Mamma}

McKinley got some of the cutest clothes and her bedding was handmade by her Gigi! What a loved little girl! I can't wait to see the nursery all done up!! (And finally get to hold that sweet baby girl!!)

Sunday night was the best.. Wanna know why?!  Because this happened..

{FSU #2}

Are you seeing this?!  My beloved FSU is ranked #2 in the BCS!  If we keep this up, we'll be National Championship bound!!  We haven't been ranked this high in the BCS since December 3, 2000! (Random fact thanks to Twitter.. lol)  Next week we have NC State which is a po-dunk team we seem to always lose to, but I've got faith in my Noles and we are in it to win it!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandma's Surprise 70th Birthday Party

What a weekend!  I absolutely love time spent with family and I had NO shortage of that this weekend.

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for Ej & Mary Ann's little boy.  It was at the Pensacola Yacht Club where they just got married one short year ago.  It's crazy to see what a year's difference can make.  Literally, one year ago, we were sitting in white chairs watching Mary Ann and Ej exchange vows {which were possibly the sweetest things I've ever heard.. who knew Ej had that in him?!} and now 365(ish) days later, she's got the cutest baby bump around!  I can't wait to squeeze and squish all the love I can into Baby William.  Is it December yet?!

{Me & the Baby Mamma}

{Lex, Hannah & Me}

{The Ladies of My Family}

Right after the shower ended we headed over to Hillcrest Baptist to finish setting up for Grandma's Surprise 70th Birthday Party!  Luckily Mom and Aunt Terri and a few other people were able to set up a majority of the party Friday night.  Everything was beautiful.  We had blue mason jar centerpieces mixed with pink balloon centerpieces.  And the cake, let me just tell you my friend Kate did one heck of a job bringing my ombre vision to light!  Not to mention there were champagne cupcakes, which are to. die. for!

{Ombre Cake}

{The Set-up Crew}

{Me & My Handsome Hubs}

Grandma was genuinely surprised which was amazing!  I really thought she would have picked up on the fact that we were all being soo secretive. I mean we had soo many stories to mask why everyone and their momma was in town that weekend.  Luckily we had Mary Ann's baby shower to cover some people's stories.  The best one is Grandma's cousins who drove her down all the way from North Carolina from their family reunion.  Grandpa fixed that to where he could attend a business meeting in Orlando, so he'd have to drive home early from the reunion, and Jessica & David would have to "bring her home" and then they could enjoy some Florida sunshine.  Grandpa literally drove 2000 miles just so her cousins could be there.  Gosh he loves her and I love that he does! 


{Cousin Kristy, Me & the Birthday Girl}

{Grandma and (most) of her Grandkids}

We almost didn't get her to the party.  Since her sister Aunt Wanda was in town the whole cover story to get her to the church was that there was a Life Group Dinner Party, but since Aunt Wanda was in town, Grandma wanted to cancel, so Aunt Wanda had to "agree/beg" to go to the dinner.  Apparently Grandma wasn't too thrilled about this, but the funny thing is Grandpa basically did the same thing {not wanting to attending the "thing" that was masking the party} at his 70th Surprise Party almost 8 years ago!

It was so wonderful to seeing all my extended family.  There's no denying that they are my family - the way they talk, act, look.  I love it!

Sunday was a quiet day at Mom's house after church.  It was much needed and appreciated after all the party planning and party having!  Best thing was we got to eat the leftovers from the party for lunch and dinner!  Hello amazing pot roast and mashed taters!  Bad thing was that all this good eatin' has made me gain all the weight {almost 2 lbs} that I worked so hard to lose this past week of Week 1 of P90X!  Oh well, it was worth it and I'm ready to get back to business! :)  

Here's to my Grandma - my God bless her with many, many more years and I hope that she knows how truly loved and blessed she is and that I'm so happy to call her my Grandma!  And here's to another work week - may I kick it in the butt! Haha!

High 5 for Friday!

Here are my Top 5 Moments from this past week

1.  Praise God Ethan was able to fix his a/c in his truck for about $100 rather than $800 to have it replaced!  So thankful that our pastor has experience in truck a/c department!  They were able to fix some switch that cost about $25 and then he noticed that his fan was overheating which could cause later transmission damage and he's going to fix that too!  That's about $55, but will save us hundreds in the future!  And then he also noticed that Ethan's truck has air filters that have never been changed and were so gunked up that Ethan never had that "full-blast" air feeling.  Another $16, but I'll sooo take it over $800+ at a repair shop!

2.  I got an email from Groupon saying they were having a special deal of $10 off any Groupon valued at $25 or more, so I bought my 1st ever massage.  It's an hour-long relaxation massage and I scored it for $19!

3.  I discovered Joe Patti's soup this week.  Holy cow!  I am now in soup heaven!  I had the steak & cheese soup.  Absolutely delicious and only $3.75 for a medium!

4.  I finalized some plans for a girl's trip we've got planned for January to go to Birmingham.  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited! ;)

5.  I was really good about exercising this week.  (Hope I don't jinx anything.. but)  I think I'm actually really motivated this time and I hope to be at my goal weight of 135 by January 15!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good morning, October!

I felt it this morning as I was walking to my car.. I felt summer slowly slipping away.  I could feel the sun warming my skin, but there was also a cool breeze nipping my flip-flopped feet.  Sooner than I'd like, I'll have to start wearing my tights and flats instead of capris and sandals.  I'm a summer girl, no doubt, and hopefully I can squeeze a couple more beach days into this year.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited for the rest of the year.  I've got big plans, goals, and dreams!  Here's a small run-down of what I'd like October to bring to me..

  • Buy a new camera & learn how to take good pictures with it.
  • Weekend trip to New Orleans
  • Grandma's 70th Birthday Party
  • Mary Ann's Baby Shower
  • Attend an FSU game?!
  • Halloween
  • Start running 5 miles per week
  • Start P90X with Ethan
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Blog more frequently

I'll be able to cross the 1st one off my list tonight.  Target is having a good sale and I'm getting a Nikon CoolPix L820 for $100 off!  I'll have roughly 3 days to master the art of photography before I take my new camera to New Orleans for our trip!  I love making lists and crossing things off them! Ü