Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandma's Surprise 70th Birthday Party

What a weekend!  I absolutely love time spent with family and I had NO shortage of that this weekend.

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for Ej & Mary Ann's little boy.  It was at the Pensacola Yacht Club where they just got married one short year ago.  It's crazy to see what a year's difference can make.  Literally, one year ago, we were sitting in white chairs watching Mary Ann and Ej exchange vows {which were possibly the sweetest things I've ever heard.. who knew Ej had that in him?!} and now 365(ish) days later, she's got the cutest baby bump around!  I can't wait to squeeze and squish all the love I can into Baby William.  Is it December yet?!

{Me & the Baby Mamma}

{Lex, Hannah & Me}

{The Ladies of My Family}

Right after the shower ended we headed over to Hillcrest Baptist to finish setting up for Grandma's Surprise 70th Birthday Party!  Luckily Mom and Aunt Terri and a few other people were able to set up a majority of the party Friday night.  Everything was beautiful.  We had blue mason jar centerpieces mixed with pink balloon centerpieces.  And the cake, let me just tell you my friend Kate did one heck of a job bringing my ombre vision to light!  Not to mention there were champagne cupcakes, which are to. die. for!

{Ombre Cake}

{The Set-up Crew}

{Me & My Handsome Hubs}

Grandma was genuinely surprised which was amazing!  I really thought she would have picked up on the fact that we were all being soo secretive. I mean we had soo many stories to mask why everyone and their momma was in town that weekend.  Luckily we had Mary Ann's baby shower to cover some people's stories.  The best one is Grandma's cousins who drove her down all the way from North Carolina from their family reunion.  Grandpa fixed that to where he could attend a business meeting in Orlando, so he'd have to drive home early from the reunion, and Jessica & David would have to "bring her home" and then they could enjoy some Florida sunshine.  Grandpa literally drove 2000 miles just so her cousins could be there.  Gosh he loves her and I love that he does! 


{Cousin Kristy, Me & the Birthday Girl}

{Grandma and (most) of her Grandkids}

We almost didn't get her to the party.  Since her sister Aunt Wanda was in town the whole cover story to get her to the church was that there was a Life Group Dinner Party, but since Aunt Wanda was in town, Grandma wanted to cancel, so Aunt Wanda had to "agree/beg" to go to the dinner.  Apparently Grandma wasn't too thrilled about this, but the funny thing is Grandpa basically did the same thing {not wanting to attending the "thing" that was masking the party} at his 70th Surprise Party almost 8 years ago!

It was so wonderful to seeing all my extended family.  There's no denying that they are my family - the way they talk, act, look.  I love it!

Sunday was a quiet day at Mom's house after church.  It was much needed and appreciated after all the party planning and party having!  Best thing was we got to eat the leftovers from the party for lunch and dinner!  Hello amazing pot roast and mashed taters!  Bad thing was that all this good eatin' has made me gain all the weight {almost 2 lbs} that I worked so hard to lose this past week of Week 1 of P90X!  Oh well, it was worth it and I'm ready to get back to business! :)  

Here's to my Grandma - my God bless her with many, many more years and I hope that she knows how truly loved and blessed she is and that I'm so happy to call her my Grandma!  And here's to another work week - may I kick it in the butt! Haha!

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