Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fair's in Town!

Once again I had a wonderful weekend spending time with my family.  I honestly don't know what I'd do if I ever had to move away from them!

Friday night me and Ethan went to the 1st hockey game of the 2013/2014 Season!  It was fun to have the Banner Raising Ceremony and Ring Ceremony from last season's BIG WIN!  We ended up leaving before the last period because Ethan needed to be up early for the 1st day of hunting season!  Everyone join me now for a great, big eye roll.. I'm now a hunting widow on the weekends.

Saturday morning I met Mom & Hannah at Aunt Terri's house for us all to go to the fair!  Hannah and Grayson ended up going off together, leaving me and Mom to hang out.  I love my mom so much!  She's the type of mom you literally can talk about anything to and she understands!  I've also decided I am definitely OLD because I wanted nothing to do with the fair rides.  They all just looked so dirty and unsafe! Hah!  Me & Mom spent our time walking through the exhibits, eating bad food, and just having a good 'ole time!

{Mom, he's got that spittin' look!! - Me, as I hid behind my mom} 

{$5 to feed him carrots is a bit much, but it was fun watching him} 

{Poor baby couldn't see from behind his dreads! Mom said he needed a barrette} 
{Mom, the rebel, petted the "do-not-pet-for-your-safety" zebra}

We walked around the fair a couple of times.  Mom's favorite exhibit was the chickens.  The whole time we're looking at these "prize ribbon winning" chickens, she's going "oh, my Roo is prettier than him.  Oh man, Henry would totally win over that ugly chicken."  Chicken trash talk.. Gotta love it!

{Somewhere after the corndogs, but before the cotton candy binge}

{My artsy-fartsy attempt at capturing this gorgeous day}

{Our Fair Crew}

We went back to Aunt Terri's house to watch FSU v. NC State play.  I honestly was a little worried about this game because FSU tends to always throw their season away by losing to some po-dunk, unranked team.  Thankfully we pulled off a convincing win, something like 49-17.  I really wish we would have not let NC State score, but by the time they did score, we already had our 2nd or 3rd string in.  Hey, a win's a win!  My Saturday night was nothing special.  I goofed off in the gym trying to desperately burn off the corn dogs, cotton candy, wings & pizza I had eaten early.  I say goofed off, but walking/running at an incline on the treadmill is no joke.  550 calories later, I was ready to pass out.  Ethan got home from hunting around 9 and ceremoniously passed out on the couch around 9:01.  To say my Saturday nights will be uneventful for the next however-long-hunting-season-is is an understatement.  That's ok.. I was able to watch bad tv and paint my nails without Ethan complaining about either! ;)

Sunday was a quiet day at Mom's house.  We went to lunch at Vallerta's, came home napped and baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Church that night was nice.  There are a few people yet to be baptized, so Bro. Don gave a rundown of what baptism is and such.  Afterwards we had a Pastor Appreciation Party in the Sunday School rooms!  It was a nice time for some good fellowship and food!

Now it's back to the work week, but that's ok.  It's a super busy week with a Board Meeting and proofing an Agenda and when that clock hits 5 on Friday we are on our way to Tally to see my Noles beat up on some Hurricanes! Can't wait!!

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