Friday, November 22, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Here's my Top 5 moments from this week -

1. I have a new baby cousin!! Mary Ann had William Edward last Saturday around 11:45 a.m.!  He's a month early so he's tiny, but he's doing really good!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit them in the hospital because I had a yucky cold!  But I am going to visit them tonight! #can'twait #needbabysnuggles

2. I have been on a "tea detox" for about 10 days now.  It's going really good and I've lost a little over 5 pounds! Hey, whatever gets me closer to my goal of 135 by January 15!

3. Ethan and I had our 8 year anniversary this week!  I know it's not realy our anniversary anymore, but it's fun to remember exactly how long we've been me and him. :)

4. We had a Thanksgiving luncheon at work on Monday.  It was a potluck, so it was nice trying everyone else's cooking.  I was a delinquent and forgot.. So nobody got to taste MY cooking! lol

5. My favorite moment of this week is kind of somber.  I have a friend Kendra who is very, very sick.  I won't go into much detail except that she gave birth to her baby Meredith 5 weeks early on November 12 and was immediately LifeFlighted to UAB because she was seriously ill with pneumonia and the flu and since then has been battling blood clots, dialysis, plummeting heart rates, and so much more.  My favorite moment from this is the massive Prayer Chain that has been started for her.  Her dad started a Facebook page called "Praying for Kendra Fendt" and right now only 4 days after creation has over 3,200 likes.  That means that over 3,000(!) people are praying for her on Facebook alone.  This doesn't count the massive number of people without a Facebook, or the countless Church prayer lists she's been added to, or just word of mouth.  It amazes me how much prayer and petition is going before our Lord on Kendra's behalf.  It gives me chill bumps. Kendra's constantly on my mind.  I feel like I know what the Bible means when is says to "pray without ceasing."  I have faith that God will heal her and reunite her with her brand new baby girl and husband!

Friday, November 15, 2013

So We Had a Rough Afternoon

Remember those sweet,  cuddly cats I just wrote about not 6 hours ago?! Let me reminisce on our last hour and a half.

**Warning - Graphic Content

Jinx and Jerry are my two fur babies.  I love them with all my heart. Ethan says it's an unhealthy love.  But what does he know?  He's a dog-person.

Fast forward to today.  Both the boys have tapeworms and had a 4 o'clock appointment to see the vet. Great,  we load up in our kitty carrier and we're out the door on our mini-roadtrip.
Jinx howls like a banshee the entire ride while Jer kinda chimes in every now and then with his sweet, pitiful squeak of a meow.

FIVE minutes before we get there,  I smell the most gosh-awful smell.  Death filled my tiny car.  I gagged.  Twice.  I'm on the phone with Ethan and say,  "I gotta go *gag* one of the cats just crapped in the carrier *gag*"

I look over.  Jinx is staring at me with poop smeared on his head.  He turns around in the tiny carrier smearing poop thru the sides.  I gag. Roll down my window and gag again.

We make it to the vet and I carry 40 pounds of crap covered carrier and cat into the office.

I profusely apologize,  and the vet says it's OK.  He had a worse patient earlier today. We get cleaned up,  carrier sprayed out and the boys soapy paper towel wiped down. They get shots and we're done.

The ride home was thankfully quiet and uneventful. But now these crap covered cats need baths.  You ever given a cat a bath?  It's like.. Nothing compares.  Take something that hates water with razor sharp claws,  throw them in a bathtub and prepare to fight.  Oh yeah,  cover these cats with stress diarrhea.

The cherry on top of my freaking sundae was when Jinx decided to spray/squirt. He has an over active anal gland.  It's disgusting.  I know.  It's also smells like death. So now I'm stuck in my bathroom with 2 crap covered cats and an extra unpleasant aroma.

We managed/survived the 2 baths and now we're all recovering in the living room right now. The boys are frantically trying to dry themselves whilst giving me the stink eye like I'm the villain here.  As for me,  that's it.  I'm done for the day.  NOTHING else will be accomplished by me today.

And that's the end of my very awful, no good, very bad hour and a half. Someone please feel sorry for me.

Calling In Sick

Today there won't be a "High 5" for me.. I've been so sick this week that I've done absolutely nothing!  So in lieu of my highlights,  I'll share 5 things I'm thankful for this week!  :)

1. I'm thankful for my insurance and health clinic at work!  My insurance saved me over $100 on the prescriptions the doctor gave me.

2. I'm thankful for having sick leave at work. Lord knows I used it this week!

3. I'm thankful for soup!  Chicken noodle,  shrimp creole,  corn chowder.. Man I can't get enough!

4. I'm thankful for my cuddly, sweet boys keeping me company on the couch while I'm recovering from this cold from hell.

5. I'm thankful it's the weekend!  Plenty of time to recoop!

OK,  so this ended up being about me being sick,  but I'm such a baby when I'm sick.. Cut me some slack haha!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Church Camp Camping

This past Wednesday night started Camp Grace, our Church's camp we hold every year.  It's an absolutely amazing time of fellowship and worship.  Camp Grace is truly something special and is a time where I feel like we really meet with God.  His presence is so strong and indescribable.

Ethan and I were able to attend the Wednesday night service and then we stayed from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  There was a morning service and a nightly service.  I was asked to be kitchen help, so I spend some of my mornings prepping for the next meal and afternoons prepping for the night meals.  Ms. Tina and Ms. Shae ran a tight kitchen so really it was not stressful at all!  Everything ran so smoothly you'd never guess it was our first year trying this new schedule!

This was our second year camping in our tent.  Mom and Dad always rent a camper and last year that's where I stayed because it was wayyy to cold to be staying in a tent.  This year I was determined to spend both nights "roughing" it. The temperature got in the low 40s, but I survived wearing my leggings and sweat pants with an undershirt and two sweatshirts with a hood.

{Me and Ethan looking good "roughin" it}

{Hanging out in Mom's camper before freezing our tails off in the tent}

Alexis scared me to death Friday night.  It was around 1 in the morning and all I hear is the unzipping of our tent and someone (or something) tripping over things.  Apparently it just got too cold for Alexis and she made her way to Mom's camper.  I almost asked "who's there?!" but I'm glad I didn't because I know Dakota, Alexis, and Ethan would do nothing but make fun of me.  I know this because I told them about me wanting to say that and they still made fun of me.  I don't care.. I was scared lol

Saturday was a day of lots of kitchen work since we had to prepare Saturday night's meal along with Sunday's big lunch.  Everyone that was asked to help out was assigned their jobs and we finished with plenty of time to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather before the night service.

{Dad preparing the Sunday roast}

{Nikki, Shae, and Alexis chopping veggies for the Sunday roast}

{Sarah giving Alexis a gel-mani after lunch/dinner prep was completed}

{Ethan stomping Dakota at Ping-Pong}

{The kids found a turtle}

{Let's name him "Squishy." Yea, Squishy is a good name. - Cole}

{Cutie Laedin}

{Hannah practicing punting with Dakota}

{Miss Lily}

I always enjoy Camp Grace.  It's a time for spiritual refreshment for myself and my church.  There was alot of healing and growing done this past week.  I always look forward to it for the next year.  This year I mostly got peace out of the messages.  God told me not to worry so much and not to let things stress me out like they do.  I need to be still and know that He is God.  He is in control.

Friday, November 8, 2013

High 5 for Friday

1. Taylor and I ran our 1st 5k. Well, kinda.  We had our Monday Run Date downtown and we ended up running far enough for Nike+ to let us know our 5k time!  It was 39:something. For a 1st time, unplanned 5k, I'm actually pretty proud of us!  It just makes me want to get back out there and beat that "record"!

2. Zumba class was hardcore about arms and abs this week!  I haven't done that many "arm circles" to rhythmic music in.. well, forever.

3. Church camp started this week.  Ethan and I were able to attend Wednesday night's service and we plan on camping out there starting tonight.  I'm going to freeze my tail off. #justsayin

4. Taylor and I bought a "Skinny Fox Detox" to try out!  Basically it's a metabolism boosting tea that you drink in the morning and a cleansing tea you drink at night.  Average person looses 6 lbs in two weeks.  I can't wait for it to come in!

5.  MY FAVORITE MOMENT?! Last night #5 Stanford beat #3 Oregon which means Oregon won't be bumping FSU out of its #2 spot!!  As long as we remain undefeated we have a shot at the National Championship Game!! Ahhh!!! My little 'Nole heart is filled to the brim with happiness!! Now we just gotta make sure we don't make any stupid mistakes!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sucks to be U

Ok, so the Post Title is a little crude, but oh, so fitting! ;) This past weekend me & Ethan went to the Florida State v. Miami game with Grandma & Grandpa.  We had such a good time, especially because my Noles pulled out a 41-14 victory!! Heck yes! 

I got some good pictures from the weekend.. the best ones came from my new phone!! I've officially left the iPhone world and got the new Galaxy S4.  It's a pretty sweet phone if I do say so myself!  Basically, my iPhone 4 was crapping out on me and I wasn't so impressed with the iPhone S5 because, well.. I know what an iPhone does. I wanted something *new* :) Long story, short.. I'm loving what all my new phone can do and I'm very happy!  But back to the game..

{Gorgeous weather on Game Day}

{The Marching Chiefs}


{Here come those Noles!}

{Chief Osceola & Renegade}

{Pre-game Selfies}

{Grandma & Grandpa}

{Largest Crowd - 84,309!}

{Everyone doin' the Chop!}

{Another Florida State Touchdown!!}

{Excuse our freaky eyes.. I've got to learn how to use the settings on my new camera. Apparently "night portrait" wasn't correct and sadly alot of my pictures look weird because of that}

{41-14 We WIN!!}

{So proud of my Noles!!}

Right now my Noles are Ranked #2 in the BCS and hopefully we can stay there so we can go on to the National Championship!!  Just gotta hope (and pray) that Oregon loses their next game! Next week we won't get to watch the game because we'll be at Camp Grace, but I know they'll do just fine against Wake Forest!

I had such a wonderful weekend with my grandparents and hubby cheering on the team we all love! :) Great memories were made!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nice to See You, November

I can't believe it's already November.  I mean, I'm pretty sure it was just Valentine's Day! 

I did pretty good with my "To-Do List" for October:
Buy a new camera & learn how to take good pictures with it.
I got my new camera.  It's not the super fancy one I thought I was going to get, but it is still definitely an upgrade from what I had.

Weekend trip to New Orleans
Sadly we didn't go on this trip.  There was supposed to be a Tropical Storm/Hurricane hitting NOLA that weekend.  I also get called into work when there's an activation at the Emergency Operations Center due to a storm.  I couldn't chance it.

Grandma's 70th Birthday Party
Grandma's Party was a HIT!  She was completely surprised and we had the best time!


Mary Ann's Baby Shower
I attended Mary Ann's shower for Baby William at the Yacht Club!  He is already one spoiled little boy with all the super cute things he got!

{Mary Ann, Baby William & Me}

Attend an FSU game?!
I'll be able to check this one off THIS WEEKEND!  #3 FSU v. #7 Miami! It's going to be one heck of a game!

I mean, Halloween happened, but I didn't do anything to celebrate it.  I came home from work that day, made an amazing soup for dinner, worked out in the gym while watching The Vampire Diaries, then chilled the rest of the evening with Ethan.

Start running 5 miles per week
Eh.. about that.  It's not like I fell off the workout bandwagon.  I've just found out that I definitely prefer going to a Zumba class rather than running.  Although, me and Taylor have started a Monday Workout Date to run, so I guess technically if we were to run 5 miles.. I'd meet that goal! (ha!)

Start P90X with Ethan
Again with the workout bandwagon.. I'm tending more to switch up my workouts rather than sticking to a specific program.  Like this past week I ran with Taylor, went to Zumba class, and worked out solo in our gym.  I guess if I could "halfway" cross that out I would..

Lose 10 pounds
I didn't lose 10 pounds, more like almost 5.  I have a really hard time "losing" weight, but I tone up pretty easily.  I'll officially know my inches lost next week when it's "Day 30" of P90X.

Blog more frequently
I think I did pretty good blogging in October!  I've even started adding better pictures and links to things I like!  The 'ole blog even got a little bit of a facelift with my new customized header!  I'll play with it a little more when our home computer isn't "sick."  Stinkin' thing went and got a virus without my permission.. the nerve.

Marissa's Baby Shower
This originally wasn't on my list.. chalk it up to an oversight.  But we had a wonderful time celebrating the soon-to-be Momma and Miss McKinley

{Me, Momma & McKinley}

The Pensacola Interstate Fair
Also not on my original "to-do" list.. I had a great time with Mom and the kids.  The kids went off and road and me and Mom walked around looking at everything and eating everything.  Ok, we weren't *that bad.. We had a corndog, roasted corn on the cob, and cotton candy.

{Me and my Momma}

Now that I've looked back over my month, here's what I'm looking forward to in November!

  • We're going to the FSU v. Miami game!!
  • P90X "Day 30" for me!  I've made it a month working out consistently, now let's see some results!
  • Camp Grace
  • Family Birthdays
  • Baby Shower for Ashley
  • PCA Alumni Game
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday Shopping
  • FSU v. Florida Game!!
  • Have my weight in the 140s!
  • Start getting up at 6:30 {i.e. try to be more punctual to work..}
All righty, November, I've got high expectations from you, so don't let me down! ;)

Friday, November 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here's this week's top 5 moments from October 28 - November 1, 2013

1. I got asked if I had lost weight.  Heck yes!  All this 9P0X-ing, Zumba-ing, and run-ing running (haha) is paying off!  Only 76 days till my deadline!

2. Taylor and I have started a weekly workout date!  This week we did a 2.66 mile run downtown.  Mind you, that was not a constant run.  We like to think of ourselves as elite athletes, but let's not kid ourselves here.  We promptly ruined our run with dinner at The Happy Pig! Ha!

3. I'm really loving Zumba class again these days.  I've started going with Liz on Tuesday and any Thursday I can.  You honestly can't beat burning almost 700 calories in an hour of FUN dancing.  My hardest P90X video only burns about 350!

4.  October 29th was "National Cat Day" and E! Online hosted a "Cutest Cat Contest."  Well, guess what?!  My Jinxy made it to the Top 75!  I know that doesn't sound that impressive, but there were almost 5,000 pictures submitted on Instagram alone!  I don't even know how many were on Twitter!  Here's Jinx's "winning" photo.  I am one proud kitty Momma!

5.  I tried out a new soup recipe this week (Recipe Here). Holy. Cow.  Sometimes I surprise myself with my cooking skills!  This recipe even called for red wine, which like any wine connoisseur (ha!) I had to google to find out if Merlot was a red wine and then I found the cheapest one in a box! (Double ha!)