Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Church Camp Camping

This past Wednesday night started Camp Grace, our Church's camp we hold every year.  It's an absolutely amazing time of fellowship and worship.  Camp Grace is truly something special and is a time where I feel like we really meet with God.  His presence is so strong and indescribable.

Ethan and I were able to attend the Wednesday night service and then we stayed from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  There was a morning service and a nightly service.  I was asked to be kitchen help, so I spend some of my mornings prepping for the next meal and afternoons prepping for the night meals.  Ms. Tina and Ms. Shae ran a tight kitchen so really it was not stressful at all!  Everything ran so smoothly you'd never guess it was our first year trying this new schedule!

This was our second year camping in our tent.  Mom and Dad always rent a camper and last year that's where I stayed because it was wayyy to cold to be staying in a tent.  This year I was determined to spend both nights "roughing" it. The temperature got in the low 40s, but I survived wearing my leggings and sweat pants with an undershirt and two sweatshirts with a hood.

{Me and Ethan looking good "roughin" it}

{Hanging out in Mom's camper before freezing our tails off in the tent}

Alexis scared me to death Friday night.  It was around 1 in the morning and all I hear is the unzipping of our tent and someone (or something) tripping over things.  Apparently it just got too cold for Alexis and she made her way to Mom's camper.  I almost asked "who's there?!" but I'm glad I didn't because I know Dakota, Alexis, and Ethan would do nothing but make fun of me.  I know this because I told them about me wanting to say that and they still made fun of me.  I don't care.. I was scared lol

Saturday was a day of lots of kitchen work since we had to prepare Saturday night's meal along with Sunday's big lunch.  Everyone that was asked to help out was assigned their jobs and we finished with plenty of time to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather before the night service.

{Dad preparing the Sunday roast}

{Nikki, Shae, and Alexis chopping veggies for the Sunday roast}

{Sarah giving Alexis a gel-mani after lunch/dinner prep was completed}

{Ethan stomping Dakota at Ping-Pong}

{The kids found a turtle}

{Let's name him "Squishy." Yea, Squishy is a good name. - Cole}

{Cutie Laedin}

{Hannah practicing punting with Dakota}

{Miss Lily}

I always enjoy Camp Grace.  It's a time for spiritual refreshment for myself and my church.  There was alot of healing and growing done this past week.  I always look forward to it for the next year.  This year I mostly got peace out of the messages.  God told me not to worry so much and not to let things stress me out like they do.  I need to be still and know that He is God.  He is in control.

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