Friday, November 8, 2013

High 5 for Friday

1. Taylor and I ran our 1st 5k. Well, kinda.  We had our Monday Run Date downtown and we ended up running far enough for Nike+ to let us know our 5k time!  It was 39:something. For a 1st time, unplanned 5k, I'm actually pretty proud of us!  It just makes me want to get back out there and beat that "record"!

2. Zumba class was hardcore about arms and abs this week!  I haven't done that many "arm circles" to rhythmic music in.. well, forever.

3. Church camp started this week.  Ethan and I were able to attend Wednesday night's service and we plan on camping out there starting tonight.  I'm going to freeze my tail off. #justsayin

4. Taylor and I bought a "Skinny Fox Detox" to try out!  Basically it's a metabolism boosting tea that you drink in the morning and a cleansing tea you drink at night.  Average person looses 6 lbs in two weeks.  I can't wait for it to come in!

5.  MY FAVORITE MOMENT?! Last night #5 Stanford beat #3 Oregon which means Oregon won't be bumping FSU out of its #2 spot!!  As long as we remain undefeated we have a shot at the National Championship Game!! Ahhh!!! My little 'Nole heart is filled to the brim with happiness!! Now we just gotta make sure we don't make any stupid mistakes!

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