Friday, November 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here's this week's top 5 moments from October 28 - November 1, 2013

1. I got asked if I had lost weight.  Heck yes!  All this 9P0X-ing, Zumba-ing, and run-ing running (haha) is paying off!  Only 76 days till my deadline!

2. Taylor and I have started a weekly workout date!  This week we did a 2.66 mile run downtown.  Mind you, that was not a constant run.  We like to think of ourselves as elite athletes, but let's not kid ourselves here.  We promptly ruined our run with dinner at The Happy Pig! Ha!

3. I'm really loving Zumba class again these days.  I've started going with Liz on Tuesday and any Thursday I can.  You honestly can't beat burning almost 700 calories in an hour of FUN dancing.  My hardest P90X video only burns about 350!

4.  October 29th was "National Cat Day" and E! Online hosted a "Cutest Cat Contest."  Well, guess what?!  My Jinxy made it to the Top 75!  I know that doesn't sound that impressive, but there were almost 5,000 pictures submitted on Instagram alone!  I don't even know how many were on Twitter!  Here's Jinx's "winning" photo.  I am one proud kitty Momma!

5.  I tried out a new soup recipe this week (Recipe Here). Holy. Cow.  Sometimes I surprise myself with my cooking skills!  This recipe even called for red wine, which like any wine connoisseur (ha!) I had to google to find out if Merlot was a red wine and then I found the cheapest one in a box! (Double ha!)

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