Friday, November 15, 2013

So We Had a Rough Afternoon

Remember those sweet,  cuddly cats I just wrote about not 6 hours ago?! Let me reminisce on our last hour and a half.

**Warning - Graphic Content

Jinx and Jerry are my two fur babies.  I love them with all my heart. Ethan says it's an unhealthy love.  But what does he know?  He's a dog-person.

Fast forward to today.  Both the boys have tapeworms and had a 4 o'clock appointment to see the vet. Great,  we load up in our kitty carrier and we're out the door on our mini-roadtrip.
Jinx howls like a banshee the entire ride while Jer kinda chimes in every now and then with his sweet, pitiful squeak of a meow.

FIVE minutes before we get there,  I smell the most gosh-awful smell.  Death filled my tiny car.  I gagged.  Twice.  I'm on the phone with Ethan and say,  "I gotta go *gag* one of the cats just crapped in the carrier *gag*"

I look over.  Jinx is staring at me with poop smeared on his head.  He turns around in the tiny carrier smearing poop thru the sides.  I gag. Roll down my window and gag again.

We make it to the vet and I carry 40 pounds of crap covered carrier and cat into the office.

I profusely apologize,  and the vet says it's OK.  He had a worse patient earlier today. We get cleaned up,  carrier sprayed out and the boys soapy paper towel wiped down. They get shots and we're done.

The ride home was thankfully quiet and uneventful. But now these crap covered cats need baths.  You ever given a cat a bath?  It's like.. Nothing compares.  Take something that hates water with razor sharp claws,  throw them in a bathtub and prepare to fight.  Oh yeah,  cover these cats with stress diarrhea.

The cherry on top of my freaking sundae was when Jinx decided to spray/squirt. He has an over active anal gland.  It's disgusting.  I know.  It's also smells like death. So now I'm stuck in my bathroom with 2 crap covered cats and an extra unpleasant aroma.

We managed/survived the 2 baths and now we're all recovering in the living room right now. The boys are frantically trying to dry themselves whilst giving me the stink eye like I'm the villain here.  As for me,  that's it.  I'm done for the day.  NOTHING else will be accomplished by me today.

And that's the end of my very awful, no good, very bad hour and a half. Someone please feel sorry for me.

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