Monday, November 4, 2013

Sucks to be U

Ok, so the Post Title is a little crude, but oh, so fitting! ;) This past weekend me & Ethan went to the Florida State v. Miami game with Grandma & Grandpa.  We had such a good time, especially because my Noles pulled out a 41-14 victory!! Heck yes! 

I got some good pictures from the weekend.. the best ones came from my new phone!! I've officially left the iPhone world and got the new Galaxy S4.  It's a pretty sweet phone if I do say so myself!  Basically, my iPhone 4 was crapping out on me and I wasn't so impressed with the iPhone S5 because, well.. I know what an iPhone does. I wanted something *new* :) Long story, short.. I'm loving what all my new phone can do and I'm very happy!  But back to the game..

{Gorgeous weather on Game Day}

{The Marching Chiefs}


{Here come those Noles!}

{Chief Osceola & Renegade}

{Pre-game Selfies}

{Grandma & Grandpa}

{Largest Crowd - 84,309!}

{Everyone doin' the Chop!}

{Another Florida State Touchdown!!}

{Excuse our freaky eyes.. I've got to learn how to use the settings on my new camera. Apparently "night portrait" wasn't correct and sadly alot of my pictures look weird because of that}

{41-14 We WIN!!}

{So proud of my Noles!!}

Right now my Noles are Ranked #2 in the BCS and hopefully we can stay there so we can go on to the National Championship!!  Just gotta hope (and pray) that Oregon loses their next game! Next week we won't get to watch the game because we'll be at Camp Grace, but I know they'll do just fine against Wake Forest!

I had such a wonderful weekend with my grandparents and hubby cheering on the team we all love! :) Great memories were made!

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