Monday, December 9, 2013

Darling December

Another month down in the books! And honestly another third of December down!  Oops.. I'm a little late getting to my monthly checklist!

Here's the list from November..

We're going to the FSU v. Miami game!!

We had a blast at the FSU v. Miami game!  This our second time seeing this particular rivalry game!  I'm even more pumped that FSU has won the ACC Championship and on January 6th we will be playing in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!  My Noles finished out their year ranked #1 in the BCS! I couldn't be a prouder fan!
P90X "Day 30" for me! I've made it a month working out consistently, now let's see some results!

I've consistently made it another month working out!  I'm in the low 150s, so I'm thisclose to being in the elusive 140s.  I want to be in the 130s by January. I've got a pretty crazy workout schedule planned for this week, so I'm feeling "149" for this weekend!!

Camp Grace

So camping really isn't my "thing," but we made the best out of it!  It got real cold in that little tent, but we survived.  Barely.. I mean I did get a sinus cold from you-know-where when we got back home!  But all in all, Camp Grace is an amazing time worshipping our Lord. God blessed us so much this year by providing preachers from all over the country and by showing Himself to so many of us during that week.  I'm blessed to be a part of this work for Him.

Family Birthdays

We celebrated Jesse and Emily's birthdays this month.  I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures, so you won't see any here! Ha!  Jesse requested grilled chicken and salad as his birthday meal, so at least I was able to stay on track with my diet!  Thanks, Jes!

Baby Shower for Ashley

I actually didn't make it to this.. Ethan got really sick after church that Sunday, so we went home.  Boo.. BUT Baby Carter should make his grand entrance sometime soon! 

PCA Alumni Game

Didn't get to go to this either because it was the same weekend as Camp Grace, BUT I'm way excited that I could possibly be pregnant by the time the next one rolls around!! {Ethan and I have a "5-year Plan" and by November 2015, we'll have been married almost 5.5 years!


We spent most of Thanksgiving at Grandma Ward's house and no.. I didn't take any pictures!  I'm sooo terrible!  The food was delicious and the family time was welcomed!

Black Friday Shopping

Here's a pic of us with our game faces on!  Ok, we don't look that menacing, but these girls mean BUSINESS when it's time to shop!  Other than my birthday, I do believe Black Friday is my 2nd favorite day of the year!
FSU v. Florida Game!!

So we totally stomped some Gaytor booty this year!  Actually we stomped some major booty all around.. as mentioned earlier that WE'RE GOING TO THE NAT CHAMP!! {Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?!}

Have my weight in the 140s!

I'm thisclose to being in the 140s!! Almost there!  With my deadline being only 37-ish days away, I'm really starting to feel the pressure!  I WILL BE 135 by January 15!!

Start getting up at 6:30 {i.e. try to be more punctual to work..}

Ugh.. so easier said than done.  I am trying harder, but it's sooo hard!  This will definitely be on my list again for December!

All righty now.. Here's some highlights and goals for December!
All the Christmas parties
  • All the December babies are due
  • Nikola's 3rd Birthday
  • Christmas
  • All the time off I get from Christmas!!
  • Workout more and get in the 140s this month!
  • Start getting up at 6:30
Ok, here's to another great month! :)

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