Friday, December 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

To be completely honest here.. I totally forgot that it was Friday.  I did not forget too much as I did wear my "Casual Friday" jeans to work today.  My days are completely screwed up from having so many days off this past week!  I was off for 5 days, now I'm at work for 2 days, then back at a 5-day weekend!

I'm linked up again with one of  my favorite bloggers The Lauren Elizabeth.

Here's my High Five for Friday this week!

1. Let's talk about having FIVE glorious days off!  It's the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas.  Abso-freakin-lutely the best thing there is. Except for maybe losing ten pounds.. I'd take losing ten pounds over 5 days off. #realtalk

2. This guy celebrated his 3rd birthday this week!  Happy birthday week, Nikola!

3. Can we talk about how cuddly my Jinxy Cat has been lately.  He's really turning into a Momma's boy and that's quite fine with me!  I'll take all the kitty cuddles I can get!

4. I've enjoyed all the family time Christmas brings, but the most important family member I got to cuddle with is obviously baby William!  I've only known the little guy for a month now, but my heart just explodes with love when I get to hold him. So precious!

5. Mom and Dad got me a gel-mani kit for Christmas.  It's pretty awesome and I'm actually pretty good at it!  I'll probably be setting up shop sometime soon.  ;)  Overall I'm very pleased with how the finished product looks and I'm pretty excited that I no longer have to deal with chipped polish!

Right now I'm just counting down the minutes till 5 when I get off.. then it's another 5 days off for this girl! :)

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