Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

What a whirlwind these past 5 days have been!  I've been off work since last Friday and let me tell you, it's been wonderful!

Last Friday night I went to the hockey game with Grandma and Grandpa after work.  It was just the 3 of us.  We ate at Chet's before the game.  It's a good thing I called Grandma before I went to Chet's because my happy butt was on it's way to the Chet's in Pace, rather than the one that's literally 10 minutes away from my work! Haha!

Saturday morning, for some crazy reason, I decided to go to a 2-hour Zumba class!  As crazy as this sounds, it was actually a ton of fun and I burned some major calories!

After I got home, I kind of piddled around the house until Ethan got home from playing golf.  We got ready and went to the mall for some last-minute Christmas gifts.  I didn't even feel bad about eating the gut-bomb of a "Wrong Doug" at Moe's! Add some chips and queso and I was one fat happy camper!

Saturday night was my kind of perfect night.  Ethan was playing his Xbox while I was cuddled up next to him playing Candy Crush.  We didn't have a care in the world.  I so enjoy those moments when it's just me and him.

{Jinxy cat helping me wrap presents}

Sunday morning I went to church.  Turns out Ethan pulled a muscle in his neck playing golf on Saturday and was so stiff he couldn't move.  Poor baby!  I ended up eating lunch with my family and going back home around 3ish.  Ethan's parents arrived at Sarah's house around 6, so we packed up and headed to see his parents!  We only see them once or twice a year, so when they are in town, we spend as much time with them as possible!

Monday was Christmas Eve Eve and Ethan had to work a half-day.  I got up late, went to the gym, and pretty much lounged around until he got home.  We went to Sarah's house for dinner with the family.  Ethan finally decided that December 23rd was the appropriate day to get my Christmas presents from him! Hah!  I stayed at Sarah's looking at the baby pictures of him that his Mom brought for me to look at.  I've decided we can stay married.. he was a pretty cute baby! ;)

Christmas Eve was a busy one!  Ethan got up early to go shooting with his Dad and brother-in-laws.  I, once again, woke up late and lounged around!  Are we seeing my holiday trend here?!  Taylor called me about 10 and I met up with her to do some kickin'.  We discovered an awesome secret to ShopKicking.  If you go under the bookmark section at the top and then "scan all,"  you can scan any product at any store.  It always was annoying to me that I couldnt' scan a particular item because "I wasn't at that store.."  Well guess what, Shopkick?!  We got you beat!  Me and Taylor both racked up around 1,500 kicks in a little over an hour!  I've now got enough to get myself a $25 Target gift card! Woo-hoo!!

Nikola turned 3 this Christmas Eve!  His birthday party was train-themed.  We had a good time eating cake and watching him open his presents!

{Birthday Boy blowing out his candles}

{Thomas the Train}

{"Hey, Nikola, give me a big smile!"}

Christmas Eve night we went to my parent's house to have Christmas with my Grandma and Grandpa from my Dad's side.  It was nice.  We ate dinner then opened presents.  Ethan got a smart blu-ray player and I got lots of workout clothes and some K-cups for my Kuerig.  We ended up staying over at Mom's still pretty late.

Christmas morning me and Ethan got up around 6:20.  We got ready and opened our presents from each other.  Ethan definitely spoiled me this year!  He got me new makeup brushes, a cell phone case, 2 workout tops, an FSU hoodie, and my favorite It's a 10 hair spray!!  I got him a couple movies and a dartboard for the back porch!  We got to Sarah's house about 7:15 to which the kids yelled "you're late!"  We opened presents and ate the yummiest egg/sausage/cheese-baked casserole I've ever had!  We got to my parent's house around 9ish and opened even more presents!  To say we are spoiled is a major understatement!  I got a steam mop, a gel manicure set, and Ethan got P90X3!  After we opened presents, me and Ethan took the most glorious naps ever known to man.  I'm talking conked out, no one's going to wake the dead kind of sleep.  It was wonderful! After the nap and after helping Mom with some last-minute food prep, we headed over to the pool house to have Christmas with my Mom's side of the family.
{She'll hate me one day for this}

We ate some more and opened presents!  We got new boots, cologne, a gift card to Outback, and some moolah!

{Hannah & Grayson}

{Grandpa & his girls}

{Grandma opening gifts}

{Mom & Dad}

{Lex & Dakota}

{Grandma & me}

{Grandpa & me}

{The Ladies of the Family}

{Grandma, Grandpa & me}

{Excuse the crazy eyes.. this is the only pic I have of us on Christmas day}

{Grandpa & Mom}

{Baby's 1st Christmas}

I can't believe my 5-day vacation is already over.  I had a lot of fun and relaxation, but guess what?  I get to do it all over again starting tomorrow at 5!  I'll have Saturday thru next Wednesday off!  Coming back to work for real then will be a bummer, but as for right now.. I can handle a short 2-day week!

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