Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

If I had to choose, I'd say that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  Mostly because I love food and mostly because Black Friday is my favorite day of the year (minus my birthday...)

Wednesday night me and Ethan went to a hockey game with some of the guys he works with.  It was fun meeting the people I hear him talk about.  They were all funny and very nice.  I'd definitely hang out with them again!

Thursday morning was wonderful.  We woke up late and watched the Macy's Parade in bed.  Jinxy cat even decided to get in on some of the snuggling action! We were at Grandma Ward's house for Thanksgiving lunch around 1:30 and stayed till about 5.  I had a good time mapping out my Black Friday shopping list!  I literally get 90% of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday, so it's a really big deal to me!  Before heading to Taylor's house, we stopped by Ej & Mary Ann's to get a little William time in! :) He's just so precious, I can't help it!

I got to Taylor's around 6:30 and we got to Target around 7.  Target didn't open until 8, so like always, we waited in the line. Alexis and her friend Brittany joined us.  Taylor and I always have a game plan for Target.  We split up and meet up.  This year, she didn't have any "big ticket" items, so when the doors opened she headed left to get my Smart Blu-Ray Player and I headed right to get my Nook tablet.  We met at the movies.  Along the way she grabbed the $5 scarves I had my eye on.  What a good friend! ;)

{Waiting in line at Target}

We made it out of Target and headed on to Kohl's.  Let me just tell you.. Kohl's is miserable on Black Friday.  The line wraps all around the store and is as slow as Christmas.  This year Taylor dropped me off at the door while she parked, I got my 2 items, and she headed straight to wait in line.  We have a system where one person waits in line, while the other ventures out to check out the other deals.

After Kohl's, we killed some time in Ulta while waiting for the mall to open.  I really wanted to go to Bath & Body Works.  The line at B&BW was miserable also.. mainly because it's already a small store and everyone and their mother was in it.  I can't complain though.. I spend $67 and saved $184!  We walked around the rest of the mall for a little bit, but around 2 a.m. we both had just about had it.  I ended up getting home around 3ish and asleep around 4ish.

{1a.m. pizza break}

I woke up that same morning around 11 a.m.  Grandma Carol had text me wanting to hit up the mall.  Of course I went with her and we stayed out till about 7.  It literally took me till Sunday afternoon to catch up from my Black Friday exhaustion!  I guess I'm not too young anymore! Ha!

{Before, During & After}

Friday night me and Ethan got our Christmas stuff out of storage, although we didn't start decorating until Saturday night.  Saturday morning we lounged around the house until we went to Taylor's around noon to watch the FSU v. Florida game and then later the Iron Bowl.  FSU won and Auburn pulled off an amazing 100+ yard field goal attempt to win the game.  We all celebrated afterwards at Chilis!

{Rootin' for our teams}

Sunday was a nice, quiet day.  Church in the morning and night, with a nice, long nap in between services.  It was just what I needed to get ready for Monday!  It's so hard coming back to work after a 4-day weekend!  I'm super ready for Christmas just for the days off! ;)

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