Monday, December 16, 2013

What a Weekend!

Since we had a slow week this past week, my boss suggested I take Friday off.  It was nice.  Woke up late, met up with Mom, Tracee, and Taylor for some Christmas shopping and lunch.  Which turned into shopping for myself, but whatever.  We tried out a new nail place for manis and pedis and I loved it!  The owner was so nice and really tried to make you feel comfortable and happy.  I'll definitely be going back.  I even asked for a gift certificate to Van Nails for Christmas.  Friday night I subbed for Bunco at Jamie's house.  The December bunco is the best!  Everyone brings gifts for an exchange and alot of the ladies bring special goodies for everyone.  I ended up with a nativity set, a jar of puppy chow (the powdered sugar covered chex mix and other stuff), a candle, and a baggie of candy!  Score! 

{Side note:  I got bangs!!}

Lex stayed the night and we went to Zumba on Saturday morning.  I thought Saturday was going to be gross so I had already planned to bake cookies all day.  The day turned out pretty nice, but I still staying in baking.  I got four different types made.. sugar cookies that look like reindeer (and one cat because Ethan made that for me..), espresso cookies, peppermint melt-aways, and Marry Me cookies (named that because they're soo good you should expect a marriage proposal from anyone you make them for).  Saturday night we ate dinner and Mom's house with Mike and Tracee.  Ethan and I are obviously getting old because we left around 9:30 because we were tired. Ha!

{Some of my cookies.  Can you spot the cat?}

To say Sunday was eventful would be an understatement.  TMI, but my period was super late so I decided to take a test.  Reader's Digest version.. I had a false positive show up on one and spend the rest of the day freaking out/taking more tests.  In the long run, we're not pregnant, but it did give us some perspective on what we need to get together before we do decide to make us a family of three!  I spent most of the day with Taylor.  We got lunch at Panera, went on base, and did some kicking at Target.  Kicking is probably my new favorite past time!  It's an app that tells you to scan different items and you get points (kicks) for doing so.  Those kicks can be turned into gift cards and other things!  I'm saving up for a $300 Coach gift card or a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  I'm not sure how responsible I'll be feeling by the time I get that many kicks, but we'll see.

Sunday night after church we went over to Mike & Tracee's for sandwiches.  I've only got to work this week and I've got a 5-day weekend to look forward to for Christmas!  A very merry Christmas to me indeed!!

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