Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Already

I feel like I blinked and it's Monday again.  Not that that's a bad thing this week.  This week I only have to work Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off till January 27th. Heck to the yes.

This weekend was nothing out of the ordinary for me and Ethan. Friday night Ethan wanted to go check out Dick's Sporting Good's big golf sale and grab dinner, but I was really feeling sick still and the weather was absolute crap. I convinced him that another quiet night at Casa de Macarthur was the way to go! ;)

{The Boys cuddling on our chill night in}

We did, however, get quite the wake-up call Saturday morning around 5 a.m. Nothing quite like waking up in your warm, toasty bed to "CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. A FIRE HAS BEEN LOCATED IN THIS BUILDING. PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY" playing super loud over the intercoms.  Awesome.  Me and Ethan made our way downstairs to "evacuate." Apparently fire alarms aren't taken seriously at our condo because it was us and ONE other couple that actually came downstairs to the courtyard.  When the firefighters arrived I wanted to just say "hey, by the way, there's about 80 other families trapped in their units." Thankfully it wasn't a real fire and someone (probably our drunk neighbor at 6A after a good night at the Shaker..) pulled the alarm and we were able to go back in after 45 minutes or so. The boys were not pleased to see us back. Jinx emerged from under the bed with a dust bunny attached to his forehead and Jerry.. well, sweet Jerry promptly gave me the stink eye as to say "YOU LEFT ME TO BURN!!!" and sashayed his furry butt away from me.  Poor babies. It's not like in a real fire I would have left them, but try explaining that to your cats.. oh well.

{Nothing says "Good Morning" like a firetruck at 5 a.m.}

Saturday I had a nice girl's day with Marissa and Taylor.  They got pedis in a lovely, romantic room (ha!) while I sat nearby chatting with them.  I have gel polish on my toes and after two weeks it still looks awesome! Best Christmas present ever! After the pedis we went for fro-yo. We chatted and caught up. It was great just the three of us hanging out. Afterwards Marissa left to get back to baby MJ and me and Tay hit up Target because well.. it's Target!

{Marissa & Taylor enjoying a romantic pedi}

Saturday night me and Ethan got sushi at the mall. Now, before you go and say that's disgusting who eats mall sushi, lemme tell you it's legit. And you can get a combo which includes a drink, cucumber salad, and roll for $6.99. Yes, please, and thank you. We also hit up Dick's finally for Ethan to check out his golf sale. He got prep green golf shorts and I got my National Championship shirt for FSU!

Sunday morning was church and afterwards we went to Seana's baby shower at Ms. Suzanne's house. It was a nice shower with lots of yummy yummy shower food... aka my weakness. I ate more than I should have, but that's besides the point. Seana got sooo many cute baby clothes! That little girl will not want for anything pink in her life! She is now well stocked in tutus, glitter, pink, and bows!

Sunday night was church again and afterwards we went to Mike & Tracee's house to celebrate Josh's 15th birthday. 15?! Seriously?! I used to change that kid's diapers.. It was a good time of fellowship and fun. I love my church family so much!

But now, it's Monday morning and I've got lots of work to do. Definitely lots of work to do in preparation for being off for so long! ;) So until next time,

Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday

So this week was supposed to be my 1st full week back to work, well, that didn't happen.  I caught some major yuckiness and was out for the count. At least for 2 days anyway.

Even though I was sick it still turned out to be a pretty rockin' week!

{Doing sick days right - hot tea, leggings & fuzzy slippers}
Here's my High 5 for this Friday, linked up here with The Lauren Elizabeth and here with Simply Lulu Style

1.  I'm not even going to save this one for the end (not that I normally do them in least-best to best-best moment)!  FSU WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!  What a perfect way to end our perfect season!!  Me and Ethan went over to Aunt Terri's house to eat seafood gumbo and watch the game. The game itself was horrible.  FSU couldn't do crap in the 1st half and was losing going into halftime, something we haven't done all season long.  By the 3rd quarter we had got the score decently close where I felt like we still had a chance, but by the 4th quarter my Noles started playing like I was used to seeing them play!  We won the game by scoring a touchdown with only 13 seconds left on the clock!  This was by far the most intense/stressful/infuriating game I've ever watched. I also think this was the loudest I've ever screamed at the tv because almost 4 days later I'm still hoarse!

{FSU #1}

{13 long years of waiting for my boys to be #1 again!}

{Congrats to Auburn on their amazing season too!}

2. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to read the Bible all the way through. I started this week and was amazed that God is already showing me what I need. I decided to start in Proverbs really for no reason other than I like the book of Proverbs. I'm asking God for a few things, mainly wisdom, contentment, and understanding. I want to be a better Christian and I desire to be a better follower of Christ. And wouldn't you know right in Chapter 2 God showed me how I can obtain all these things!

Proverbs 2: 1-6  My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.
How crazy is that that the 1st night I start to have my quiet time with God, that he shows me exactly how to obtain the things I'm craving. God truly is good and He is good all the time.

{My newest Chalkboard}

3. Another one of my Resolutions was to keep Mt. Foldmore folded.  If you don't know what I mean by that.. well here's a picture of my loveseat and the mountain of clothes that need to be folded on it.

This picture was taken AFTER I had been working on folding those clothes for over an hour.  It was quite honestly a "mountain." Notice the sweet, sleeping kitty at the top. I played Jenga with the clothes by removing what I could without disturbing him for as long as I could.  Jinx was not happy I messed with his favorite napping spot. After a couple hours I finally got all the clothes that needed to be folded folded, but I still have some socks to match and some others to hang. If you can't tell, folding clothes is not my favorite chore, BUT I resolve to not let it get out of hand like this anymore!

4. Speaking of that sweet, sleeping kitty.. I pretty much cracked up last night when I say him taking a snooze like this...

{How in the world is *this* comfortable?!}

5. Grandpa celebrated his 78th birthday on Thursday!  I hope one day I'm as healthy and active as him when I turn 78!  Happy birthday, Grandpa!  I love you!

Bonus #6 I got back down to 150.8 on the scale! I was supposed to be down in the low 140s by now to reach another goal of mine, but Christmas really did a number on me!  If I'm good this weekend, I can at least get in the 140s before my deadline date! ;) I guess eating clean and no carbs will definitely help those pounds come off!

Friday, January 3, 2014

1st High 5 for Friday of 2014!

So I know it's only 3 days into the new year, but I really feel like I'm on my blogging game! I mean this is my 3rd post already.. and now that I've said that it'll be 6 weeks before I blog again! Ha!

I'm linked up here with The Lauren Elizabeth.  She's a pretty awesome style blogger and you should probably check her out.

All right.. enough rambling.  Here's my High 5 for Friday!

1. If you read my last week's High 5 post, then you already know how I feel about having a 5-day weekend.  Spoiler alert - I had another 5-day weekend this week and it was still the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, and the whole nine yards.  Reality will hit next week when I actually have to be at work a full Monday thru Friday, 8-5.  Pooey on that.

2. Speaking of pajamas.. I got the cutest pajamas at TJMaxx this week.  They're the same one's my 12-year old sister got for Christmas, complete with her cute little monogram on the pocket of the top.  So, naturally I needed to get myself pajamas with a cute little monogram on the pocket. I look pretty adorable in them if you ask me.

3. Naps.  Naps are definitely on the list this week for being a great thing. I actually could go for a nap right now.

4. New year means new calendar.  I may be a weirdo for this, but there's just something about a fresh, blank new calendar that makes me happy.

5. Last is something God said to me through another blogger on this post. I struggle so hard right now with where my husband and I are in life.  To be completely honest, I'm over where "we're at" and would love to fast forward to the day where we're living in our cute little brick house with a white picket fence, German Shepard puppy in the yard, husband pulling up in his paid-off truck coming home from his job as a Physical Therapist, while I'm holding our baby girl waiting to greet him at the door. But that's not our life right now and I need to be content where God has me right now.

Here's the paragraph that brought sweet tears of conviction to me last night.
"This year I'm choosing the word Contentment. I want to be content in Christ. I want to find my satisfaction, my fulfillment, my joy, my happiness in him. I want to be content with where the Lord has me now and in the every day. I don't mean for contentment to come across as stale or stagnant. I obviously want to challenge and push myself to grow in the Lord, to grow in my marriage, to grow as a person and a mother, but I mean that at the end of it all, my contentment is found only in Him. I want to be content. Not comparing, not looking towards future life changes, not jealous, not coveting. Just content."
Well, that about does it for my 1st High 5 post for the new year! Not much planned on my front for the weekend, but as always, we'll see! ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE & NY Day

We spent the last day of the year and the first day of the new year with our favorite people.

Ethan got up and went hunting with his Dad, while I went shopping with my Grandma. Me and Grandma had a good time meandering through TJMaxx. I swear we spent about 3 hours in there! It had been such a long time since I had been to TJMaxx that I didn't even mind. I even found the same pajamas that Aunt Terri got Hannah for Christmas, so of course I bought them and had my monogram put on them just like Hannah's!

NYE night we had plans to have dinner at Katie & Daniel's house. Katie made chili and Taylor brought chips and dip. After dinner Katie did our makeup and we sipped hot chocolate while watching the Bowl Game that was on TV.

{My New Year's Eve Date}

{Best Friends}

{Pelican Drop 2014}

We headed out to the Pelican Drop around 11:15. I would've like to have gotten there alot earlier, but the boys did not want to go, so of course they postponed it as long as possible. Last year we "watched" the pelican drop from the backside of the pelican, so this year my only request (which I should've made more clear..) was to watch from the front! Well, we got there about 11:30, but it was so packed that we ended up walking down and up a block to try to get closer from the front side. Mission failed.. the guys decided that a little courtyard 2 blocks away from the stage and not in the main street was a good place to watch. You could barely see the pelican from behind the TV station van and the few trees that were near. It really irritated me because *this* was the one thing I wanted to make sure we did on our entire vacation. We ended up watching the pelican drop through some trees and promptly left at 12:05, before the fireworks were even over. Lame, lame, lame. I don't know what we'll do next year, but I can guarantee you it won't be going to the Pelican Drop with any guys.

After the drop we headed back to Katie & Daniel's to play Apples to Apples. Two things we learned during the 2 rounds that we played..

(1) Taylor's cards completely and accurately describe her to a T and (2) I completely and utterly suck at Apples to Apples by not winning one single round.

{Creepy, Filthy, Chewy, Ancient & Chunky}

We got home around 3 a.m. and got up the next morning around noon. I really didn't want to sleep away my last day before going back to work, but really it was unavoidable! Ethan got up and went to Bass Pro Shop with his Dad while I went over to my Grandma's house to enjoy the traditional New Year's Day meal.

Grandma always makes cabbage and black eye peas, but after looking up the "real" traditional meal I noticed that technically we should be eating collard greens. Grandma said it didn't matter, but I told her that's probably why we've never come into money in the new year. Haha! Also, we didn't have cornbread which is supposed to represent gold! It was fun reading the folklore for why this is a traditional meal. After lunch we watched some football and took some naps. Basically my perfect afternoon.

{Greens & Black Eye Peas for $$ and Luck}

Dinner was at Sarah's and we had lasagna. Ethan's parents are driving back home on Friday, so this was my last time seeing them until next time.
I can't believe the "holiday season" is already over. I feel like I blinked and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are over! It's been wonderful having so much time off, but it's time to get back to the real world and my normal schedule. I'm sure my waistline will be happy for me to get back into a normal eating routine and exercise again!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello, 2014!  Boy, have I got some plans for you! 2014, you're going to be my best year yet! I've got plans, goals, ideas, wishes, thoughts, and dreams!

Mostly for 2014 my "theme" is to be more involved.  More involved with my family, more involved with my church/community, and more involved with my job.

I'd like to be more involved with my family just by seeing them more.  I've got a sister that's almost 13!  She's growing up so fast and I've barely spent any time with her.  This year, I change that!  I will be picking her up from school just because, taking her to the mall, seeing movies with her, and going to as many of her school functions as possible.

I've said it before, but I want to see each of my grandparents at least once a month.  All my grandparents live in town, so there's really no excuse for me.. it's truly sad that I don't see them or even talk to them on the phone at least once a month!

If there's a family dinner or a dance recital this year, I want to be there! Family time will be a must for me in 2014!

I'd like to be more involved with my church and my community in 2014.  I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to make this happen, but I'll think of a plan!  I guess if my church has a camp work day or some sort of social function, I want to be there!  With my community, I'd love to volunteer more, get involved with charity fundraisers, and participate in awareness walks/runs.  I'd love to do a 5k or something of that nature that benefits the Ronald McDonald house or something like that.

Getting more involved with my job kind of relates to getting more involved with my community.  I already work for the government so some of these charity events go hand-in-hand.  Volunteering will already be incorporated with work with "The Day of Caring" and I know coworkers that already have teams in place for "The Heart Walk."  I'd honestly love to win "Employee of the Month" or even "Employee of the Year."  I really feel like you have to stand out to win either of these awards and I'm really going to try this year!

Of course there's a resolution list, so without further ado, here's my 2014 Resolutions

  • Read the Bible all the way through
  • Get me a new car
  • Pay off our debt
  • Have 3 months worth of bills in savings
  • Take more pictures
  • Get ready for the work day the night before
  • Leave for work on time!
  • Blog more
  • Run a 5K or better
  • Get to my goal weight of 135
  • Make a list of places to eat/things to do on the beach
  • Go to a One Direction concert (hehe.. I'll cross this off in October!!)
  • Go to New York at Christmas
  • Weekend trip to New Orleans
  • Keep Mount Foldmore folded
  • Complain less, praise more
  • Be able to run under an 8 minute mile
  • Visit each set of grandparents at least once a month
  • Participate in the heart walk, breast cancer walk, and The Day of Caring

Most people think New Year's Resolutions are stupid, but I've heard a quote that I think goes perfectly for a new year...

"Fail to plan or plan to fail."  I'm planning to have one heck of a new year!