Friday, January 3, 2014

1st High 5 for Friday of 2014!

So I know it's only 3 days into the new year, but I really feel like I'm on my blogging game! I mean this is my 3rd post already.. and now that I've said that it'll be 6 weeks before I blog again! Ha!

I'm linked up here with The Lauren Elizabeth.  She's a pretty awesome style blogger and you should probably check her out.

All right.. enough rambling.  Here's my High 5 for Friday!

1. If you read my last week's High 5 post, then you already know how I feel about having a 5-day weekend.  Spoiler alert - I had another 5-day weekend this week and it was still the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, and the whole nine yards.  Reality will hit next week when I actually have to be at work a full Monday thru Friday, 8-5.  Pooey on that.

2. Speaking of pajamas.. I got the cutest pajamas at TJMaxx this week.  They're the same one's my 12-year old sister got for Christmas, complete with her cute little monogram on the pocket of the top.  So, naturally I needed to get myself pajamas with a cute little monogram on the pocket. I look pretty adorable in them if you ask me.

3. Naps.  Naps are definitely on the list this week for being a great thing. I actually could go for a nap right now.

4. New year means new calendar.  I may be a weirdo for this, but there's just something about a fresh, blank new calendar that makes me happy.

5. Last is something God said to me through another blogger on this post. I struggle so hard right now with where my husband and I are in life.  To be completely honest, I'm over where "we're at" and would love to fast forward to the day where we're living in our cute little brick house with a white picket fence, German Shepard puppy in the yard, husband pulling up in his paid-off truck coming home from his job as a Physical Therapist, while I'm holding our baby girl waiting to greet him at the door. But that's not our life right now and I need to be content where God has me right now.

Here's the paragraph that brought sweet tears of conviction to me last night.
"This year I'm choosing the word Contentment. I want to be content in Christ. I want to find my satisfaction, my fulfillment, my joy, my happiness in him. I want to be content with where the Lord has me now and in the every day. I don't mean for contentment to come across as stale or stagnant. I obviously want to challenge and push myself to grow in the Lord, to grow in my marriage, to grow as a person and a mother, but I mean that at the end of it all, my contentment is found only in Him. I want to be content. Not comparing, not looking towards future life changes, not jealous, not coveting. Just content."
Well, that about does it for my 1st High 5 post for the new year! Not much planned on my front for the weekend, but as always, we'll see! ;)

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