Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Already

I feel like I blinked and it's Monday again.  Not that that's a bad thing this week.  This week I only have to work Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off till January 27th. Heck to the yes.

This weekend was nothing out of the ordinary for me and Ethan. Friday night Ethan wanted to go check out Dick's Sporting Good's big golf sale and grab dinner, but I was really feeling sick still and the weather was absolute crap. I convinced him that another quiet night at Casa de Macarthur was the way to go! ;)

{The Boys cuddling on our chill night in}

We did, however, get quite the wake-up call Saturday morning around 5 a.m. Nothing quite like waking up in your warm, toasty bed to "CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. A FIRE HAS BEEN LOCATED IN THIS BUILDING. PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY" playing super loud over the intercoms.  Awesome.  Me and Ethan made our way downstairs to "evacuate." Apparently fire alarms aren't taken seriously at our condo because it was us and ONE other couple that actually came downstairs to the courtyard.  When the firefighters arrived I wanted to just say "hey, by the way, there's about 80 other families trapped in their units." Thankfully it wasn't a real fire and someone (probably our drunk neighbor at 6A after a good night at the Shaker..) pulled the alarm and we were able to go back in after 45 minutes or so. The boys were not pleased to see us back. Jinx emerged from under the bed with a dust bunny attached to his forehead and Jerry.. well, sweet Jerry promptly gave me the stink eye as to say "YOU LEFT ME TO BURN!!!" and sashayed his furry butt away from me.  Poor babies. It's not like in a real fire I would have left them, but try explaining that to your cats.. oh well.

{Nothing says "Good Morning" like a firetruck at 5 a.m.}

Saturday I had a nice girl's day with Marissa and Taylor.  They got pedis in a lovely, romantic room (ha!) while I sat nearby chatting with them.  I have gel polish on my toes and after two weeks it still looks awesome! Best Christmas present ever! After the pedis we went for fro-yo. We chatted and caught up. It was great just the three of us hanging out. Afterwards Marissa left to get back to baby MJ and me and Tay hit up Target because well.. it's Target!

{Marissa & Taylor enjoying a romantic pedi}

Saturday night me and Ethan got sushi at the mall. Now, before you go and say that's disgusting who eats mall sushi, lemme tell you it's legit. And you can get a combo which includes a drink, cucumber salad, and roll for $6.99. Yes, please, and thank you. We also hit up Dick's finally for Ethan to check out his golf sale. He got prep green golf shorts and I got my National Championship shirt for FSU!

Sunday morning was church and afterwards we went to Seana's baby shower at Ms. Suzanne's house. It was a nice shower with lots of yummy yummy shower food... aka my weakness. I ate more than I should have, but that's besides the point. Seana got sooo many cute baby clothes! That little girl will not want for anything pink in her life! She is now well stocked in tutus, glitter, pink, and bows!

Sunday night was church again and afterwards we went to Mike & Tracee's house to celebrate Josh's 15th birthday. 15?! Seriously?! I used to change that kid's diapers.. It was a good time of fellowship and fun. I love my church family so much!

But now, it's Monday morning and I've got lots of work to do. Definitely lots of work to do in preparation for being off for so long! ;) So until next time,

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