Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ba Da Bum Ba Ba I'm Loving It Friday Style

I hope McDonald's doesn't call me for copyright infringement. That could get awkward..

So it's Friday!  Can I get a hallelujah?! Although my weekend isn't looking as "sunny and 75" as I'd like it to be, I'll take highs in the 60s over Ice Storm Titan that the North is experiencing.. Yuck!

This past week was busy and slow at the same time. Case and point, I woke up Wednesday pumped that it was Thursday. Yea, that's no bueno.

One. Monday we celebrated Stephanie and Baby Emma!  The baby shower was a huge success and Stephanie got some great stuff for Baby E! I'm pretty sure that little girl will be rockin' two different dresses every Sunday just so she can rotate through them before she grows out of them! (I also made a deal with Stephanie that I get dibs on which dresses she'll "save" for my future little one! Score!)

Two. Caught these two gettin' their snuggle on.. how sweet are my boys?

Three. If I don't fit into my new bikini when it gets here, Birthday Cake-flavored M&M's are totally to blame. I suggest not buying these (or buy them all because they're delicious and I'm not sure if they're limited edition). Regardless, my sweet tooth has been extra sweet this week. Thanks, Mother Nature.

Four. I have been a total ShopKick addict these days.  I can't help it if the Almond Milk at Walmart is 100 kicks.. I'm going to stop to scan it! I briefly contemplated buying it so I could just scan it at home, but figured if I bought the $3 half gallon, that totally canceled out the money savings.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, ShopKick is an app that allows you to scan certain items for points ("kicks") and you can trade-in those kicks for giftcards.  I just got a $35 gift card to Aerie for free just this week! To find out more about Shopkick and to join, go here ---->

{Use that link and you'll recieve 50 kicks to get you started!!}

Five. I got super motivated (again) about saving up for my new car! I'm about 99.9% sure this baby will be my new ride come July!  Ahh! So pretty! I need to print a picture of it and hang it on the wall to remind myself of our goal!

Today is "Blue Friday" for Shopkick, so I know me and Ethan will be out and about collecting kicks! Heads up, if you live local, you can get an easy 1,000 kicks just for walking in JCP, American Eagle, Best Buy, Old Navy, and Target! So easy and so worth it!!

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