Friday, February 7, 2014

High 5 for Friday

Wahoo! I made it through my 1st full week back at work since Christmas!  I even stayed till 8:45 last night due to a Board Meeting.  Needless to say I'm exhausted, but I made it! Here's my High 5 for Friday:

1. I'm loving mixing hot chocolate and coffee together these days. Especially because it's been such a cold winter.

2. This hasn't happened yet, but I'm scheduled for my 1st massage tomorrow! I had purchased a Groupon about 3 months ago for a 60-minute massage for only $19! (Originally $29 and I had a $10 off coupon! Score!) 60 minutes of pure bliss. I can't wait!

3. I got to pick my family up from the airport last Saturday!  My mom, dad, sister, and grandparents left me for over a week to go enjoy the beautiful snow in Montana! I know they had fun, but I am so happy they're all back!

4. I'm excited about Valentine's Day. Ethan has made reservations at a surprise location. He never does surprises, so I'm pretty pumped! More on that later!

5. Had brunch on Saturday with the Fab 5. Rewind to Summer '09 and we were inseparable. Fast forward to 2014 and we've come a long way and added two babies to the mix. We ate breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe and caught up for almost 2 hours. I hope this becomes more of a regular thing!

There ya go, my High 5 for Friday!  I'm so glad one of my favorite style blogs The Lauren Elizabeth started this weekly thing because it really helps me to remember back over the week and all the good things that happened! I plan to do a "Weekend in Pictures" this weekend, so we'll see how good I am about capturing some of my moments!

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