Monday, February 3, 2014

Icepocalypse 2014

What an absolutely wild week we've had here in Florida and really all in the South.  This past Tuesday we had a snow storm come rolling in!  Sadly, the snow didn't reach down to our little city, but we did get massive amounts of ice! I'm talking inches and completely frozen over bridges.  Ethan and I stayed at Mom's house from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.  We weren't expecting three days off from work either! My biggest fear in all of this was being stuck on the island which is why we headed to Cantonment to stay at my parent's house.  It's a good thing we did because we would have been completely STUCK on Pensacola Beach until the ice melted.  Another bad thing was that the ice wasn't melting! The temperatures have been either freezing or colder the past 3 days!  But, leave it to Florida and it's supposed to be near 70 degrees this weekend.  Florida - the only place where you can get frostbite and a sunburn in the same week.

Of course I've got plenty of pictures to share of our Florida "snow" aka ice.  It's just way more fun to say we got snow! ;) Very very luckily we never lost power while at my parent's house.  I have friends that went nearly the entire 2-3 days without power! We spent our time playing games and watching TV. Basically a whole lot of nothing! Ha!

My favorite memory coming out of this will probably be the chickens.  Thursday morning as the "snow" is melting, Alexis went out to feed the chickens.  She comes back with a worried look and says "Katie, we're missing a black chicken."  Great, now Hannah's going to kill us because we killed on of her babies.  Long story short, we're roaming around the backyard yelling "here, chickey chickey" and that stinkin' chicken had cooper herself in a cage in my Dad's shed that had hay in it and had laid 2 eggs.  She was fine.  All that panic over a chicken that was completely fine. Sigh..

Ok, without further ado.. here are the pictures from the Icepocalypse in Florida of 2014

{This later changed to us seeing 3-5" of snow}

{Ethan's Truck Tuesday Afternoon Before the Big Storm Hit}


{Ice on the Plants Tuesday Afternoon}

{Small Flurries on Tuesday Afternoon}

{Making an Iceman named Snowey}

{Snowey the Iceman}

{The Macarthurs & Snowey}

{Group Shot - We're all FREEZING!}

{The Macarthurs}

{Mom's Roof Wednesday Morning after the Storm}

{Snow(?) in the Corners}

{Wednesday Morning}

{Wednesday Morning}

{After the Storm}

{Checking on the Frozen Chickens}

{Ethan's truck Wednesday Morning}

{Thursday Night - Still "Snow" on the Beach}

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