Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures

I did a surprisingly good job at remembering to take pictures of my weekend.  Next time I decide to do this little "challenge" for myself, I'm going to use my actual camera and not my cell phone.

Friday night we did what we always do and went to the mall.. big shocker, I know.  Me and Ethan are one mall-loving couple.  We ate dinner at Panera Bread, walked around the mall for a couple hours, then headed over to Target to get a few necessities for me.

Once we got home, we watched "The Croods."  Pretty cute movie, Ethan fell asleep within the first 20 minutes, but it made me laugh and tear up a couple times.

Saturday morning I had my 1st ever massage and my life will forever be changed. I even told Ethan that I would 100% prefer to have a massage and spend $35 than spend that on a pedicure. There's just some things you can do yourself, and well.. a massage is not one of them. I had basically a full-body massage which included my back, neck, arms, legs, and feet. Pure. Heaven. Not going to lie, I was pretty freaked out about my masseuse being a guy, but I kept telling myself that he wasn't some random stranger, he's actually trained in the art. I've had some problems with my left shoulder for a few weeks and he immediately noticed that and was able to work out most of the knot. God bless him. After the hour I felt like complete jelly and was completely ready to have another massage. Reminders for myself for the next time. (1) Don't "do" your hair. With the next massage the oil gets all up in your hair. Throw that junk in a ponytail. (2) Same goes with makeup. I had raccoon eyes to my chin. (3) Skip the "leg" portion and just focus on the back and feet. The neck and arms were nice, but the legs really didn't do anything for me. 

I met Mom at Firehouse Subs for lunch and caught up with her. Afterwards we killed some time in Target doing a little Shop Kickin'. I admit.. I'm a bit obsessed with the app. Laugh all you want, but when I'm carrying my new Coach purse I "bought" using Shop Kicks, we'll see who's laughing then.

Saturday afternoon was a bridal shower for my longtime friend, Savannah!  I can't wait to watch her walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams in March.

While at the shower I got some baby snuggles from this guy.  Don't mind the pouty lip, he's just upset he can't marry Savannah.

Saturday night was spent having dinner with Ethan's family. It's so nice to catch up with everyone and see the kiddos. I took a couple pictures of Niko and Lucy, but they were too busy jumping on the couch to let me take a real picture, so all I have are blurry ones. Hence the "real" camera next time. I think Niko is having trouble remembering who I am with my constant need to change my hairstyle. When I walked in the den where he was he looks at me with a big smile on his face and goes "Hey! Kay.. wait.. what's you name again?" I told him and he goes "oh yea, hey Katie!" and gave me a big hug.

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Ethan made a new friend in church. Lily decided she needed to sit in Ethan's lap during song service. Most precious thing ever! I can't wait for him to be a Dad!

After church we met up with some of Ethan's coworkers for lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish. Since it was such a gorgeous day we sat outside.  Ethan got fish tacos and I got Mexican-style tacos. It was okay, I'd go back but only to order something different to give the restaurant another try.

Since RFBF is in our backyard, we went back home and this happened. (See below.) My 1st "beach" day of the year AND I even got a little bit sun kissed. Ahh... feels good. Oh, February, you're such a tease. Snow storm one week, sunburn next week.

Late Sunday afternoon was spend getting kitty snuggles on the couch. Love my boys.

We didn't end up going back to church for the night service. We went grocery shopping for the week and watched some more of the winter Olympics. I had a true dinner of champions.

So to sum up my weekend - Family, friends, food & sun. And in other words perfection.

{Good night texts to my family}

{1st creep-tastic reply}

{They might murder your family}

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