Monday, February 24, 2014

Social Butterflies

Ethan and I normally do a lot of nothing on the weekends that normally just include me and him.  This past weekend I was so proud of us!  We actually went out both nights and with different people! lol

Friday night after work we went to Josh's baseball game. He plays for Northview and used to play for Tate so we thought the "rivalry" game would be fun to go to.  We had fun. Ethan sat by Kenneth and talked about who knows what, but at least they had a good time.  I spent my time switching from sitting with Ethan, to Lindsay and Seana, to my Mom, and Hannah and Alexia. Josh's team ended up losing pretty bad, but it was still fun.

After we got kicked out of the field for staying to late, me, Ethan, Kenneth & Lindsey, Matt & Seana and their girls all headed over to Wendy's for a late-night snack.  Alexia got a charades game in her kid's meal so she kept us entertained with guessing what she was pretending to be.  After we got kicked out of Wendy's for staying to late, we all stood outside for probably another 30 minutes just talking. We all had such a good time and I hope we do it again soon! Just minus getting kicked out of all the places! haha

I'm pretty sure Ethan used some reverse psychology on me for Saturday morning. He had an early tee-time and I had some errands I wanted to run before he got home.  I told him all of what I needed to do and he says, "I guarantee you'll still be in bed by the time I come home." Well, I showed him (or he reverse psychology showed me) and I got everything done and was back home by 11:30.  This included, but is not limited by - going to Target to get a baby shower gift and do some shopkicking, going to the mall to make a return and get my shopkick walk-ins, going tanning, running by CVS for some shopkicks, and stopping by Walmart to (you guessed it..) get some more shopkicks. #someoneneedsshopkickrehab

I made it home in time to get some laundry done and take out all the trash.  Nothing like replacing all your scentsy with fresh, spring-smelling scents! Warm weather is so close I can taste smell it! Taylor came over some laying out around noonish.  It was gorgeous outside and I defnintely got a little toasty!  Guess it's not a good idea to hit up the tanning bed and the sunshine all in one day with your pasty, milky winter skin!

{Hello, old friend}

Saturday night we went to the Grand Marlin with some of Ethan's coworkers and their wives. The Grand Marlin has THE best raw oysters!  I can't wait to go back before oysters are out of season!  We had a good time and just sat around eating, drinking, and talking. This was one of the rare times where I enjoy living on the beach, going home only took a couple minutes, which was good because we were both zapped from the long day!  I definitely slept like a baby Saturday night!

Sunday morning Ethan stayed home from church because he wasn't feeling well.  I ended up going by myself and ate Sunday lunch with my parents.  I helped mom make shrimp creole and I'm pretty sure I could make it by myself!  I also helped decorate for Stephanie's baby shower. I headed home around 3ish, and of course, stopped by CVS and Walmart to get some kicks.. addicted is an understatement.

BUT all my kicks finally earned me something!! Taylor sent me a coupon link for a free swimsuit bottom when you buy a top, well.. I used my kicks to get a free $35 gift card to Aerie and got a super cute swimsuit for only $2.50ish!  Not bad getting a $60ish bathing suit for less than $3 brand-spankin-new!  I was sad to see my number of kicks drop, but I'm sure with my addiction I'll replace them in no time!  I even got some people to join Shopkick just by posting a picture of my new bikini! 

{my new suit!}

I can't wait for my bathing suit to be delivered! It should be here by the end of the week! (I really hope it fits lol.. bathing suit shopping online is hard!) Maybe I'll get it by next Saturday so I can lay out in it next weekend!  Ah.. just dreaming of weekends on a Monday! Haha!



  1. I love oysters and sweet deal on the bathing suit!! Where in FL are you?

    1. I could eat my weight in raw oysters! Currently trying to scope out $.25 oyster nights in town! I'm in Pensacola! Where are from?

  2. hey girl hey! thanks for popping over to my blog! ps. that is a super cute suit. i pine for the day i look good in a bikini. i have got to stop eating canned frosting or it'll never happen!

    1. I've got some work to do if I'm going to be looking good. Hubs caught me redhanded eating smores the other night. Granted.. I was rewarding myself for working out! LOL