Friday, February 21, 2014

What I'm Loving This Friday

What I'm lovin' about this past week!

1. Monday was a holiday, so yay for 3-day weekend, and only 4-day work week! Taylor came over and we broke out the 'ole swimsuits and "tanned." We were pretty successful because later that day at the mall we both noticed that each other's chest were a bit burnt! Yay for sunburns! We had a good time laying out, shopping, eating at Red Robin (Yummm!), and then watching a movie at her house!

2. Tuesday we had a Board Meeting and I actually sat up at the dais with the Commissioners and helped run the meeting. The morning session I actually go over the Agenda with the Commissioners and in the evening I time the speakers and run the voting machine. I was told I did a great job, so yay me! :)

3. My poor Ethan is feeling a bit under the weather so I made him some homemade chicken noodle soup! If there's anything I can cook, it's soup! Hope it makes my Love feel better!

{Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side}

4. Got my invite for my Nanner's wedding!! Isn't it the cutest?!

5. I was feeling a little creative so I updated our chalkboard.  I'm no Little Baby Garvin, but I like how it turned out! I was going to go for a St. Patty's Day theme, but I quickly realized I really suck at drawing shamrocks!

Bonus!  Here's my Jer lookin' all cute and cuddly! :)

This weekend I'm looking forward to going to one of Josh's 1st high school baseball games! The weather's supposed to suck this weekend, so I won't be laying out again, but maybe the gross weather will inspire me to get a little more spring cleaning done!  I've got a closet full of clothes I don't wear and a shower in desperate need of a good scrubbin'!

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  1. I really like those invites! I cannot wait to start tanning again.

    1. Thanks, Brianne! I hope you're somewhere sunny and warm and not in all that snowy mess! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I just love them! I can't wait for this country chic wedding! Stay tuned for the post-wedding post!