Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This year marks mine and Ethan's 9th Valentine's Day together! I really don't feel old enough to be able to say that..
Since Valentine's Day was on a Friday, me and Ethan exchanged cards right before work.  We had agreed no presents since we're trying to save up to buy me a car, but Ethan surprised me with chocolate-covered strawberries! I mean, if you're going to not follow the rules you might as well break them with chocolate-covered strawberries ;)
After work we headed out for our special Valentine's dinner at Ruth's Chris in Mobile!  We ate at Ruth's Chris on our honeymoon and it was delicious! Dinner was supposed to be a secret but (like I always do) I guessed where we were going!
We ended up leaving our house 2 hours before our reservation and I'm so glad we did! The main tunnel in Mobile was shut down due to Mardi Gras so we took a more scenic and much longer route! We did still make it with plenty of time to spare!

Once inside we were seated and handed their leather bound menu. Everything looked so good, but in the end I knew I was getting steak, no matter how tempting their chicken or pork medallions looked!

We ordered their featured appetizer for the night which were crab-stuffed, fried jalapenos, served with a spicy dipping sauce! Holy cow! I could've made a meal out of that!

I also ordered their featured pomegranate martini. It was so good!  I asked Ethan if it would be inappropriate in a nice restaurant to finish licking the sugar of the rim! Haha!

I ordered "Ruth's Classic" which is a fillet and lobster tail, served with a side of mashed potatoes, and a Cesar salad.  Ethan got a rib eye with a side of asparagus.  Of course I was nice enough to let him have some lobster! ;)

We shared a piece of chocolate cake for dessert! Isn't he the sweetest!? :)

After dinner we really wished we would have splurged and got a room in Mobile for the night because we were both so full that the hour and a half drive home did not sound appealing. But, we did power through and made it home!

Ethan, thank you for another amazing Valentine's Day.  I know you don't need a "set" day to make me feel loved, but I'm so thankful that you take the time to make sure I am.  You're the best Valentine a girl could ask for! We've got 9 Valentine's Days down and about 100 to go! ;)  I love you! xoxo

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