Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap // Go Ice Flyers!!

{Friday Night} Thanks so my sweet friend Lauren, we were able to get Ethan's hunk of junk truck towed to my parent's house. Getting AAA to tow the truck turned out to be a almost 5-hour ordeal, but we all survived. Half-starved and irritated, but we all survived. Once the backup tow truck driver arrived Lauren and her boyfriend left for their date night. I felt so bad that we ruined their Friday night, but so thankful that we have loving people in our church who are willing to sacrifice to help out! Ethan and I rented a movie and got Santino's for dinner. Not exactly a wild, crazy fun Friday night, but more of an "adult necessity," if you will.

{Saturday} We slept in late and went to the mall. Since we ruined Lauren's date night to Moe's, we got her a gift card to make up for it. We ate lunch at Panera Bread and headed over to my grandparent's to carpool to the hockey game. We planned to go to the finals game with them in Biloxi, Mississippi, by team bus. It was a fun game, but I don't think we'll be agreeing to any away games any time soon! We left the Bay Center around 4 p.m. and didn't return till nearly 2 a.m. It was a very miserable bus ride to and from! Since the Ice Flyers ended up winning, they're on to the next round of finals to win the President's Cup! I've never seen an away game where the visitors easily outnumbered the home team! I'm glad we were able to pack out our sections for the Flyers!

{Still rockin' the pink eye glasses..}

{Pensacola Ice Flyers vs. Mississippi Surge}

{Sweetest thing ever}

{Flyers win in sudden death overtime!!}

{Ice Flyers on to another President's Cup}

{Sunday} Since we knew we were going to get in late from the game, we planned to stay at my parent's house that night. Nothing stranger than being woken up in your childhood bedroom by your dad with a boy in your bed.. lol Stephanie had Emma at church Sunday morning so it was good to get some newborn snuggles to start the day! Church was good and we got KFC afterwards for lunch. As Ethan puts it, I'm still bulking before my diet bet starts tomorrow! There's no sense in dieting before my diet starts, so yes, I did enjoy a Poptart for breakfast, KFC for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. Tomorrow really is going to suck.. I got a glorious nap in while the boys tried to fix Ethan's truck. No luck there, so it's on to an actual mechanic to find out what's going on. Ya'll please pray it's not a bajillion dollars!

I know I didn't have the most exciting weekend, but there she is! As usual, I'm linked up with Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design for their weekend recap! I've got exciting news for my blog tomorrow so make sure you come back and check it out! How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, March 28, 2014

High-dee Ho for Friday, Yo!

Please excuse the title, I'm just a little excited that it's Friday and this week is finally oh-vuh! I started the week coming off a glorious 4-day weekend and getting pink eye. Seriously, what adult gets pink eye?! I was told by a friend that you get pink eye from picking your nose and touching your eye. Guess that means my nose-picking secret is out of the bag. On another note, my 13-year old sister also has pink eye. Guess that means nose-picking runs in the family.

Here's a rundown of my favorite, non-pink eye related moments from this past week!

{1} I got my "Wife of the Year" award for going to Ethan's softball game Monday night. It was cold, late, and a double-header. I'm glad I had the Strickland crew there to keep me company. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. Cole kept us entertained most of the time with his crazy ways. My favorite was his horse "Bullseye" (no copyright infringement there, right? I mean he's 4..) that he would ride complete with galloping noises and the occasional "YAW!"

{Hubs hittin' a homer. That's softball talk for "I think he got to 1st base.."}

{Spider Monkey Cole}

{2} Because of my pink eye I got sent home early from work on Monday. Yea, I said I wouldn't talk about my pink eye in my "5" but an early afternoon home from work deserves to be a high, even when it is, in fact, pink eye.

{3} I got really excited and really depressed all in one hot minute this week.  Really excited because I found *the* perfect cruise for me and Ethan that sailed the week of our anniversary and fell into a magical "free" week at work that had no deadlines or meetings for me. It was perfect, like literally perfect.  Well, except the price. Really depressed because, basically, I can be a good girl and pay off the last of our credit cards or postpone the credit card and go on a ballin' cruise. Obviously I'm going to be a good girl and we will reward ourselves with said ballin' cruise when we are debt free. Dave Ramsey, you should be so proud.

{4} Wednesday felt like the perfect day for a selfie. I was having a good bang day, had new sparkly nail polish on, was using my favorite kitty mug, and was drinking my new macaron-flavored coffee.  All in all, a good morning.  Well, except for the pink eye and glasses. Dang, there I go again mentioning the pink eye. So sorry! ;)

{Lemme take a selfie}

{5} My favorite for this week!! Miss Emma Hope has made her debut into this world! She wasn't due for another month, but honestly I think the doctor's had her due date wrong.  This pretty little girl came into the world at 6.9 pounds and 18" long on March 25, 2014. I say they have her due date wrong because Stephanie was ready to pop. I have other friends that are pregnant that are due about the same time as she was and they weren't anywhere near her belly size. Also, my Mom told me to check out Emma's nails when I saw her.  If they were long and looked like they could be cut, then she was about full term. Baby Girl definitely had some long nails! Pretty cool thing to think about and check! Anyways, here's a picture dump of mine and Lex's 1st visit with Miss Emma!

{Gorgeous head full of dark hair! Please please please, Dear Lord, give my babies hair!}

{Look at those cheeks! Emma's, not Lex's ;)}

{That double chin and those little lips ::swoon::}

As always, I'm linked up with my favorite people, Lauren, Liz, and Joy.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 Things That Women Do

Hello, world! I have good news and I have bad news. Good news is there's something new on my blog that doesn't involve linking up with anyone, bad news is I'm writing this because I'm home sick from work due to pink eye. Hold on, who am I kidding? I'm home from work.. that's good news on a Monday! But again bad news because I'm stuck wearing my glasses for the next 3-5 days. For this contact-lovin' wearer, that's no bueno.

So whilst sitting at home, putting in medicated eye drops that burn like the fire, I read this article about 20 things that women do that men probably don't know about.  Some of them are funny, most are true, and a couple really don't apply to me. I thought I'd pull out my favorites.

{1} Wearing the same bra for an undetermined amount of time. As gross as this is, I'm totally guilty. And since it made this countdown I'm assuming a lot of other ladies out there are totally guilty too!

{5} Naming your boobies. When I first read this, I thought, "Nope, haven't done that." Then rewind to 7th grade Bible class and I remember that my best friend and I named the girls "goodness" and "mercy" after the Bible verse that says "my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life." We thought we were super clever for that one. Scratch that. We are super clever for that one!

{8} Spending too much time trying to pluck that one eyebrow hair. For this one, all I have to say is invest in a good pair of tweezers. Tweezerman are my favorite. They're pricey, but oh-so-worth it!

{13} Stabbed myself with a mascara wand. I don't do this on the reg, but Ethan has an uncanny ability to sense when I'm putting on eyeliner and that's when he wants to be sweet and come up behind me with a hug. I do sneeze after applying mascara all the time. Which, obviously, is super annoying.

{14} Squatting like a baseball catcher to stretch out freshly washed jeans. This is all fun and games until you tear a huge 8" hole up the leg of your favorite skinny jeans. In front of your husband.

{15} Getting ready for a date 2-3 hours before hand and then running out of time. Story. Of. My. Life. I literally cannot give myself too much time to get ready or I won't be ready. I know that makes no sense, but it's so true. I call it my Grandma Carol Syndrome.

{16} Cup shower water in your boobies and unleash the water torrents on your toes. Just had this conversation with my husband. No lie. We were talking about weird things we used to do as a kid and I mentioned that I would sit in the tub with the shower running with my legs pulled to my chest and let the water fill up (because let's be honest.. I didn't have the boobies to do what the author of this article was talking about) then straighten my legs and let the rush of water fall. He thought this was the weirdest thing ever. Glad to know someone else does it.

Now, what about you? I know someone out there has a funny story to share and I'd love to hear it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini-Staycation Weekend Recap

Remember that overly-perky, annoying person on Friday that was all but bragging about how great having a 4-day weekend is?! Well, that person is not a semi-depressed being who is realizing in about 8 hours that I'll be getting up and ready for work. Suck. Major suck.

Regardless, it was an amazing mini-staycation and I actually have some tan lines. I'm linking up with Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design for their Weekend Recap!

Technically my weekend started Wednesday at 4, but since I've already talked about a lot of that, I'll spare you the two extra days. Time is a precious thing and me gushing about massages, 70 degree weather, and tanning is just too much for some on a Monday. p.s. I hope you're still reading and don't hate me now!

Friday we started the morning with coffee and muffins at the Drowsy Poet and by looking around Innerlight, a local surf shop.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach past the cross. The boys played with a Frisbee while the girls basked in the sunshine. It was a little breezy, but only just enough to keep you from sweating. Basically perfect weather.

{The Original Grumpy Cat}

{Brother & Sister-in-Law}

{This would have been the better of mine and Ethan's pictures, so thanks a lot, Dakota.}

{I didn't realize my big head was covering most of Ethan.. oops!}

{There's only one reason you go in the water in March..}

{Random kitty selfies}

Friday night we ate dinner at the Tin Cow and had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil - Varekai. The show was fun and they did a lot of really cool stunts. I told Ethan that we would start practicing some of the crazy things they did as soon as we got home!

And of course, no night is complete without a little Krispy Kreme!

{Heaven in a box}

Ethan's truck decided to poop out on us on Thursday morning, so Saturday was spent driving back and forth and back and forth to the auto store to figure out what isn't working. While he did that, I spent my Saturday morning watching Once Upon a Time and folding clothes. I'm sensing a trend with my Saturday mornings. Ha! Saturday evening my parents came over to try to figure out the truck better and were planning on going to dinner with us when they fixed it. Well, 4 hours and sunset later, the guys were still working on the truck and the girls were starving. They ended up staying and working some more while the girls went to dinner. It was yummy, but I did feel guilty leaving the guys behind.

Sunday morning we headed to church and celebrated Alexis' birthday with my grandparents at my parent's house.

{Wonder what she wished for?!}

Ethan and I headed home around 4:30 so he could try something new on his truck. Sadly, the truck is still not working, but maybe after reading the computer codes (?! truck talk.. I dunno) he can figure out what's wrong.  All in all it was a pretty good mini-staycation! I'm just hoping this next week at work flys by, my eye gets better, and Ethan's truck gets fixed without us going in to major debt! Hope everyone else's weekend was fabulous and you didn't have near the car trouble we had!

P.S. - I've got a diet challenge for myself coming up. It involves a lot of exercise, a month's supply of Slimfast, and $40. Stay tuned for that and let me know if you'd like to join in on the fun!

Friday, March 21, 2014

High 5 for Friday

I really can't complain about this week. I mean, who can complain about a 3-day work week and a 4-day weekend! Here's a few of my favorite moments from this past week!

{1} Monday was my favorite holiday. St. Patrick's Day! I'm not sure why it's my favorite as I don't drink green beer on the reg and I'm only like an 1/8 Irish, but it's a fun excuse to celebrate and wear green!

{Green mani, green shirt, and some cat hair. My outfit is complete.}
{2) I got the boys a surprise this week. And by surprise I mean surprise baths! Now that winter is finally seeming to be over, I just know they'll be shedding those winter coats. Obviously they hated it.
{Not a look of love..}

{The "I'm not sure what just happened" face..}
{3} Can we talk about how excited I am to have found these coffee flavors at TJMaxx?! I'm not trying to rush away my long weekend, but I'm so looking forward to trying out these bad boys at work on Monday!
{Two of my favorite things!!}
{4} Wednesday night started my glorious 4-day weekend! I got off work an hour early, got a massage {heaven!}, and then me and E went out for dinner at Moe's and some shopping at TJMaxx and Target. I love our little impromptu date nights!
{My sunset to start my weekend!}
{5} This week also meant the end to winter and the wonderful 1st day of spring!! I spent mine with family and friends and I couldn't have asked for anything more!
{Lunch @ Peg Leg's}
{Just being tourist-y}

{One of my lunch date cuties}

{My other lunch date cutie}

{Lunching is hard work}

{Toes in the water, toes in the sand. Not a worry in the world}
As always, I'm linked up with Lauren, The Sowell Life, and Liz! Check these ladies out and make some new friends in the process by linking up with them! Hope everyone had a wonderful week and here's to an even more wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy BLOGiversary to Me!

Holy cannoli! (Clearly I have dessert on the brain...) I can't believe I let my 1st blogiversary come and go! I mean, come on, I'm like 11 days late. That would be grounds for serious pissed-offness if this were any other type of anniversary! I think I'll try to forgive myself by getting myself some cupcakes! Haha!

On March 7, 2013, I wrote my 1st blog post! I'm also proud to say I actually kept up with it for a year! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy blogging so much when I started, but thanks to some link-ups and new friends, I've got "reasons" to blog on certain days and it's kind of kept me on track.

In my 1st blog post, I mention the reason I started the blog - hello wanting to be able to track my (one day) pregnancy and babies. Well, the pregnancies and babies are still "one day," so don't get your hopes up that I have exciting news to share! ;)

I also stated I had "good blog material" in that I was starting my fitness journey again and we were trying out new diet-friendly recipes. Well, I've failed in the fitness/exercise category and have become more a "Dear Diary"-type of blogger.  There is a link up on Tuesdays for recipes that maybe I'll try to hit up every once in a while to broaden my range of reading.

So, what's the 'ole blog got in store for the upcoming year? Probably a lot of the same. Sorry, don't mean to disappoint, but this is working for me. I think I will give her a face lift and maybe even update my user picture, but as far as content, this will still be me documenting life's little moments.

So, cheers to me in completely a full year of blogging and here's to many, many more!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Weekend & Savannah's Wedding

I'm not even going to complain that today is Monday. Nope, I won't do it. Even though I have plenty of ammo on my side to convince you that today sucks. I won't mention it's rainy and gross outside. I won't mention that I barely got any sleep last night thanks to the big momma glass of sweet tea from Taco Bell. {Side note - Taco Bell's sweet tea is actually pretty good. And that's coming from a sweet tea snob!} I won't even mention my eye is still kinda pink and wonky this morning. {Another side note - please Dear Lord, don't let me have pink eye.} Nope, I won't mention any of these things because I have a short week this week and I plan on being positive and upbeat. All I've gotta do is make it through Wednesday and I'm homefree for a little R&R.

This past weekend was wonderful. Yes, it rained almost 24/7, but it was one of those weekends that that didn't even matter. Friday night Ethan and I went to a hockey game. It was the last weekend before the play-offs and Grandpa wanted to use up his buddy seats. It was a good game! Tied mostly the whole game, into overtime, then shoot-outs, then sudden death. Ultimately the Flyers won and knocked the other team out of the play-offs.

{Hubs & Me}

{Me & Baby Sis}

{Go Flyers!}

Saturday morning Ethan went golfing and I spent most of the morning in bed watching Once Upon a Time. It was a morning well spent.

{Hook. ::swoon::}

Saturday afternoon we had Savannah's wedding to attend. I'm so glad the rain held off for them for their ceremony. They had the ceremony outside and it had a very country feel to it. There were old rocking chairs in the front for the family to sit in and bushels of hay for guest to sit on in the back. The arch was made out of limbs and was decorated with sunflowers. They created doors for the bride to walk out of and had her grandfather's old pickup truck to take them away. I'm seriously tearing up just remembering all the sweet moments from this wedding.

{Blind folding the groom so he can't see his Bride until she's walking down the aisle}

{Riding up on her daddy's Harley. Seriously so them.}

{Walking down the aisle}

{Saying their vows, which were personalized and so sweet}

{You may now kiss your Bride}

{The new Mr. & Mrs. Jernigan}

{Seriously, how cute are these two?!}

The reception was held inside the Shrine. The decor was simple and southern. Lots of burlap, gingham, mason jars, and other rustic elements.

{The J & S were their guestbook}

{Sorry for the crap-quality photo, it was dim in there.}

The food was yummy and the dancing was fun. The father/daughter dance was something that would have made a grown man cry.. wait, that actually did happen. Savannah's dad is a tatted-up, motorcycle lovin', pet tarantula havin' man, but man, does that man love his little girl. Now, how about a little photo dump to rememver the rest of the night by..

{Photobooth fun with the women of my family}

{Perks of sitting near the photobooth? You get to go in it a million times!}

{Hubs & Me by their cute sitting area}

{Crazy eyes lol}

{Sister-in-law & Me}

{Us with the Bride & Groom}


{Mom & Dad with the Newlyweds}

{This one cracks me up.. we warned Ethan about what he was marrying in to..}

{No, my sister and I didn't plan on matching, but the Bride's dress though..}


The night was near perfect and I'm so glad me and Ethan were there to witness it all! I wish Savannah and Justin many, many years of happiness! She made one gorgeous bride and he's one lucky guy for it!

Sunday was your typical Sunday for us. We got up and went to church. Of course it rained all-stinkin-day, but that's okay. I hit up the mall with the girls, got Starbucks, and even squeezed in a nap.

Sunday evening me and Ethan got ready for work and snuggled on the couch a bit.  Here's Jerry cathcing up on his favorite show, Too Cute.

For a first for me, I'm linked up with Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design for their Weekend Recap. Check them out and join in the fun of their linkup!