Tuesday, March 11, 2014

14 Don't About Me

I grabbed this cute 'lil play-along from Stefanie over at The House Spouse. Great idea to break up my typical "Friday 5" and "Weekend Recap" posts! :)

I don't wear... perfume. I'm super sensitive to strong scents and they make me nauseated.

I don't drink... sparkling waters. I've tried and they gross me out.

I don't want... to be a working mom. Lord willing, I'll be able to stay home with my babies one day.

I don't have... any of the "Naked" palettes. One day I'll join the cool kids club.

I don't eat... beets. Honestly, I'm pretty much up to eat anything, but those guys taste like dirt.

I don't buy... books with movie covers on them. Serious pet peeve!

I don't like to... scoop the cat litter. Seriously. Who does? Currently looking into buying a self-scooping litter box. Anyone out there know the best one?!

I don't listen to... Christian rock/rap.

I don't know... the muffin man. Oh, I crack myself up! ;) But really, I don't know how people live so far away from family. I've lived in the same small town I was born in, therefore all (and I mean all) of my family live within 30 minutes of each other. There's something comforting to me knowing that my Momma is just around the corner.

I don't make... enough homemade meals. I guess when we have kids one day I'll have to be more "structured" about meal planning. Right now it's kind of a "fend-for-yourself.."

I don't tolerate... repetitive noises. Like pen clicking or finger tapping. Drives me nuts.

I don't need... my morning cup of coffee, but I enjoy it anyway.

I don't miss... being single. I know I got married young and therefore wasn't "single" long, but I'm thankful I met my hubs at a young age and we were able to start our lives together so soon.

I just don't... believe everything I hear. I'm a fact-checker by profession, so I like to get all the facts and hear both sides of a story before I believe gossip or rumors.

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