Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy BLOGiversary to Me!

Holy cannoli! (Clearly I have dessert on the brain...) I can't believe I let my 1st blogiversary come and go! I mean, come on, I'm like 11 days late. That would be grounds for serious pissed-offness if this were any other type of anniversary! I think I'll try to forgive myself by getting myself some cupcakes! Haha!

On March 7, 2013, I wrote my 1st blog post! I'm also proud to say I actually kept up with it for a year! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy blogging so much when I started, but thanks to some link-ups and new friends, I've got "reasons" to blog on certain days and it's kind of kept me on track.

In my 1st blog post, I mention the reason I started the blog - hello wanting to be able to track my (one day) pregnancy and babies. Well, the pregnancies and babies are still "one day," so don't get your hopes up that I have exciting news to share! ;)

I also stated I had "good blog material" in that I was starting my fitness journey again and we were trying out new diet-friendly recipes. Well, I've failed in the fitness/exercise category and have become more a "Dear Diary"-type of blogger.  There is a link up on Tuesdays for recipes that maybe I'll try to hit up every once in a while to broaden my range of reading.

So, what's the 'ole blog got in store for the upcoming year? Probably a lot of the same. Sorry, don't mean to disappoint, but this is working for me. I think I will give her a face lift and maybe even update my user picture, but as far as content, this will still be me documenting life's little moments.

So, cheers to me in completely a full year of blogging and here's to many, many more!


  1. YAY! Cheers to you indeed! Happy blogiversary!!!

  2. congrats girl! ps. i always want to respond to the comments you leave because they are supah supah funny, but then i realize you're a no-reply blogger. gah! :) if you want to change that up here's a rock star link. http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2013/06/google-ultimate-no-reply-blogger.html

    1. Ok, so I followed the steps, but I am using Blogger as my profile and not Google+.. are you able to reply to me now? Thanks so much for the help!