Friday, March 28, 2014

High-dee Ho for Friday, Yo!

Please excuse the title, I'm just a little excited that it's Friday and this week is finally oh-vuh! I started the week coming off a glorious 4-day weekend and getting pink eye. Seriously, what adult gets pink eye?! I was told by a friend that you get pink eye from picking your nose and touching your eye. Guess that means my nose-picking secret is out of the bag. On another note, my 13-year old sister also has pink eye. Guess that means nose-picking runs in the family.

Here's a rundown of my favorite, non-pink eye related moments from this past week!

{1} I got my "Wife of the Year" award for going to Ethan's softball game Monday night. It was cold, late, and a double-header. I'm glad I had the Strickland crew there to keep me company. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. Cole kept us entertained most of the time with his crazy ways. My favorite was his horse "Bullseye" (no copyright infringement there, right? I mean he's 4..) that he would ride complete with galloping noises and the occasional "YAW!"

{Hubs hittin' a homer. That's softball talk for "I think he got to 1st base.."}

{Spider Monkey Cole}

{2} Because of my pink eye I got sent home early from work on Monday. Yea, I said I wouldn't talk about my pink eye in my "5" but an early afternoon home from work deserves to be a high, even when it is, in fact, pink eye.

{3} I got really excited and really depressed all in one hot minute this week.  Really excited because I found *the* perfect cruise for me and Ethan that sailed the week of our anniversary and fell into a magical "free" week at work that had no deadlines or meetings for me. It was perfect, like literally perfect.  Well, except the price. Really depressed because, basically, I can be a good girl and pay off the last of our credit cards or postpone the credit card and go on a ballin' cruise. Obviously I'm going to be a good girl and we will reward ourselves with said ballin' cruise when we are debt free. Dave Ramsey, you should be so proud.

{4} Wednesday felt like the perfect day for a selfie. I was having a good bang day, had new sparkly nail polish on, was using my favorite kitty mug, and was drinking my new macaron-flavored coffee.  All in all, a good morning.  Well, except for the pink eye and glasses. Dang, there I go again mentioning the pink eye. So sorry! ;)

{Lemme take a selfie}

{5} My favorite for this week!! Miss Emma Hope has made her debut into this world! She wasn't due for another month, but honestly I think the doctor's had her due date wrong.  This pretty little girl came into the world at 6.9 pounds and 18" long on March 25, 2014. I say they have her due date wrong because Stephanie was ready to pop. I have other friends that are pregnant that are due about the same time as she was and they weren't anywhere near her belly size. Also, my Mom told me to check out Emma's nails when I saw her.  If they were long and looked like they could be cut, then she was about full term. Baby Girl definitely had some long nails! Pretty cool thing to think about and check! Anyways, here's a picture dump of mine and Lex's 1st visit with Miss Emma!

{Gorgeous head full of dark hair! Please please please, Dear Lord, give my babies hair!}

{Look at those cheeks! Emma's, not Lex's ;)}

{That double chin and those little lips ::swoon::}

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How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Good for you for not booking the vacation! Although I'm sure I'd be extremely depressed too.

    1. Thanks! It was a tough decision, but it'll be worth it more when I truly know we're "treating ourselves" with a hard earned trip!

  2. Dave Ramsey would be so stinking proud and I could learn a thing or two from you for making that tough choice! Also, your bangs are gorgeous! Perfect selfie :-P

    1. He better be! Ha! I've actually really enjoyed following his step-by-step program, I'd totally recommend it! And thanks! Today's bangs are not enjoying this rain we're getting! :)