Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini-Staycation Weekend Recap

Remember that overly-perky, annoying person on Friday that was all but bragging about how great having a 4-day weekend is?! Well, that person is not a semi-depressed being who is realizing in about 8 hours that I'll be getting up and ready for work. Suck. Major suck.

Regardless, it was an amazing mini-staycation and I actually have some tan lines. I'm linking up with Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design for their Weekend Recap!

Technically my weekend started Wednesday at 4, but since I've already talked about a lot of that, I'll spare you the two extra days. Time is a precious thing and me gushing about massages, 70 degree weather, and tanning is just too much for some on a Monday. p.s. I hope you're still reading and don't hate me now!

Friday we started the morning with coffee and muffins at the Drowsy Poet and by looking around Innerlight, a local surf shop.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach past the cross. The boys played with a Frisbee while the girls basked in the sunshine. It was a little breezy, but only just enough to keep you from sweating. Basically perfect weather.

{The Original Grumpy Cat}

{Brother & Sister-in-Law}

{This would have been the better of mine and Ethan's pictures, so thanks a lot, Dakota.}

{I didn't realize my big head was covering most of Ethan.. oops!}

{There's only one reason you go in the water in March..}

{Random kitty selfies}

Friday night we ate dinner at the Tin Cow and had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil - Varekai. The show was fun and they did a lot of really cool stunts. I told Ethan that we would start practicing some of the crazy things they did as soon as we got home!

And of course, no night is complete without a little Krispy Kreme!

{Heaven in a box}

Ethan's truck decided to poop out on us on Thursday morning, so Saturday was spent driving back and forth and back and forth to the auto store to figure out what isn't working. While he did that, I spent my Saturday morning watching Once Upon a Time and folding clothes. I'm sensing a trend with my Saturday mornings. Ha! Saturday evening my parents came over to try to figure out the truck better and were planning on going to dinner with us when they fixed it. Well, 4 hours and sunset later, the guys were still working on the truck and the girls were starving. They ended up staying and working some more while the girls went to dinner. It was yummy, but I did feel guilty leaving the guys behind.

Sunday morning we headed to church and celebrated Alexis' birthday with my grandparents at my parent's house.

{Wonder what she wished for?!}

Ethan and I headed home around 4:30 so he could try something new on his truck. Sadly, the truck is still not working, but maybe after reading the computer codes (?! truck talk.. I dunno) he can figure out what's wrong.  All in all it was a pretty good mini-staycation! I'm just hoping this next week at work flys by, my eye gets better, and Ethan's truck gets fixed without us going in to major debt! Hope everyone else's weekend was fabulous and you didn't have near the car trouble we had!

P.S. - I've got a diet challenge for myself coming up. It involves a lot of exercise, a month's supply of Slimfast, and $40. Stay tuned for that and let me know if you'd like to join in on the fun!