Monday, March 3, 2014

Typical "Summer" Weekend

It's getting to that time of year. That time of year where my weekends go on repeat and I do the exact same thing every weekend. Any by exact same thing I mean bask in the sun. And I wouldn't change one thing about that.

I scored a half-day at work Friday! Completely out of the blue and totally awesome. Ethan met me for lunch at The Happy Pig and then we headed home. He watched golf while I tanned on the balcony. Heavenly.

Friday night we met Dakota & Lex at the mall for dinner. Me and Lex got our kicks from "Blue Friday" while the boys avoided shopping/kicking with us at Dicks.

Saturday morning I slept in and got my errands done. I'm really enjoying Saturday morning grocery shopping.  As much of a day-waster as that sounds, I feel so productive and adult-like. Like I've got my crap in order for the week.

When I got back from errand running, I (you guessed it..) layed out on the balcony a little more. Sunny weather just calls for basking. Ask my Jinxy Cat. He totally agrees!

Saturday evening was spent at the mall.  I've learned that I have NO bummy/errand running clothes. I know, poor little Katie only has dressy stuff and this is because I don't tend to buy something if I can't wear it to work or church also. But sometimes you look funny in your dressy top and baseball hat, so bummy clothes it is!  I lucked out at Old Navy. I got some super cute tops for only $5 each! They fit great and will be super easy to throw on with some jeans.

After the mall we headed over to Lex's old apartment to help her pack a little bit and take stuff over to their new apartment. We took a quick break from packing/unpacking to go to Mom & Dad's house for some pizza and a movie.

Sunday was spent at church and in the sun. I can't believe I convinced my parents to go over to my grandma's for some fishing and laying out! Score! I think everyone enjoyed themselves and got some much needed Vitamin D!  I lucked out and got to see my Grandma, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Terri, Taylor, and Baby William! Sun and a mini family reunion! Haha

I'm hoping this week flys by because I'm already ready for next weekend! :)

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